Making Your Home Unique and Inviting with Oak Wood

Oak is a beautiful traditional timber that has a long history of use in this country. It is sturdy, durable, lovely to look at, and rustic. It also features a beautiful grain that can be truly special when it has been worked in the right way and finished correctly. Using oak as a primary material in homes and outbuildings such as garages is a great way to add a beautiful rustic look to any home. Have a look at these great examples.

Oak Is the New Look

It is true that oak is a pretty hefty and dense wood that can lend visual weight to any area, but when it is used in the right way, it is a magnificent building material. Being abundant, it is also relatively affordable compared to other woods. It is also worth noting that in this day and age where we are so painfully conscious of being eco-friendly, certain companies source their oak sustainably and according to environmental legislation. This certainly makes them well worth supporting.

Oak framed garages and outbuildings are undoubtedly beautiful but where does the whole process begin? Here’s what happens when you get in touch with a builder that specialises in oak buildings:

  • Design: Perhaps the most crucial phase of the entire process, this is where a team works with homeowners to create a detailed plan. Oak is an excellent timber to work with, but because it is heavy and can potentially dominate a space, it must be worked with carefully. This is where a design team can modify a vision, advise on the best way to approach the final product, and ensure that the oak is used to enhance rather than dominate a space.
  • Building: The best companies in this area employ full-time architects and designers so they can ensure that any development fits in with the existing space. This may mean sourcing oak from local suppliers, using certain natural finishes to fit in with an existing décor, and working the wood so that it presents certain visual qualities. Finally, whether it is a garage or other area, it is built by professionals.

The Advantages of a Turn-Key Service

It is one thing to have a design in mind but quite another to have it designed and built. The beauty of a turn-key service is that it handles everything from the initial phase of planning approval, conception and design, right through to rewiring new rooms that have been built. This means that the entire project can be managed and handled by the same team, making it consistent.

Enjoying a More Natural Atmosphere

When one commits to using oak wood as a primary part of home extension and design, one also commits to a material that introduces the natural world indoors. It creates a link between the exterior and interior worlds and blurs them through master craftsmanship and design. Not only is choosing oak a great way to enhance a home but it is also a great way to design unique spaces that genuinely speak to people.

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