Mistakes to avoid when choosing a roofing contractor

Whether you want to repair your roof or replace it completely, it is at a major expense and thus you need to get an experienced contractor who would give you the best service. There are many companies that purport to offer roofing services but in the real sense are frauds out to swindle your hard-earned cash.


Here are the following of some of the mistakes you could make when choosing a roofing contractor:

Ignoring the company’s reputation

A reputable company would have a name and an address; both post office (P.O Box) and physical- their location). Beware of the door -to- door roofers. Search up on what their customers are saying about them through the feedback section on their site. But do not rely so much on the information given on the website; it is important you make physical visits to their offices. Check the company’s BBB Rating- with this database, you’ll find local reputable companies whose profiles show current and resolved customer complaints.

Hiring unlicensed roofing company

If the company is not licensed or insured and something were to happen; like if your home suffers damages or one of the workers is injured, you could be left on the hook. A reputable roofer would have a general liability coverage, which covers your home in case of damage by the contractor, and a worker’s compensation. They should also provide coverage in the event that the contractor is injured while doing the job. Always check the credentials of the potential roofing company in order for you to receive maximum satisfaction.

Failure to have a written agreement

Any verbal agreement cannot hold water in a court of law. That is why before you begin work with the contractor, you must have a written agreement where both of you and the witnesses would sign on the document. When you pay a down payment as demanded by the roofer, ensure you have clear records of the same agreement. The contractor should also provide details of their requirements including the breakdown of materials cost, labor, all in writing.

Not getting a warranty

Reputable roofers who are serious with their work would give a warranty in case of a Ceiling Leakage or any other anomaly with the roof. Get a comprehensive warranty from the roofing company and let them offer guidance on the available manufacturer warranties. This would help you in case your roof develops issues that are covered.

Making a purely price-based decision

Pricing is one of the priorities you should consider when hiring a contractor. However, if you make a decision based on pricing alone, you could end up with a cheap roofer who’d do a shoddy job and this could turn expensive when you have to re-do the roof. Consider other factors like repute, reliability, and experience.

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