Moving to a New Place? Here’s How You Can Pack Effectively

Moving to your new home can be one of the most exciting yet stressful moments in a person’s life, and for good reason. Moving can indicate a fresh start and a new life, but the process of getting there can be overwhelming at times. It’s a lot of work, from sorting through things and organizing to knowing when and where to pack certain items.

To help make the packing process a little simpler, here are some easy-to-remember tips for you. Just remember the six D’s: determine, declutter, donate, disassemble, delay, and deposit.

Determine the Right Moving Day

The chosen date dictates the preparation, so be sure to pick a date that affords everyone ample time to do what they have to do. In addition, get in touch with a moving company at least a month before the moving date, especially if it’s on a weekend since weekends are their busiest dates. Regardless, it’s always best to set a timeline so that everything can be scheduled and planned accordingly.

Declutter Your Home

This is the least liked and yet the essential part of moving. Decluttering things is a headache, no matter where they are stored. Deciding whether something is worth keeping or letting go seems easy enough, but when done a thousand times is a recipe for decision fatigue. To make this a little less overwhelming, start doing this in small increments. Decluttering your closet, garage, and everything else little by little every day so you’re not confronted by a huge job that should be done in a short amount of time.

Donate Usable Items You Don’t Need Anymore

In the process of decluttering, you’ll discover that some things are worth keeping and some just worth throwing. However, some things are still usable, but you don’t have use for them anymore. The best route to take is to donate these items. Giving these items away to those who have much need for them is excellent for the environment. It’s less wasteful, and you’re helping out other people.

Disassemble Furniture

From furniture to your kid’s playhouse, disassemble what you can. This will provide more room in the truck while keeping furniture safe and intact during the trip. However, this task should be done strategically and thoughtfully. The least important pieces that aren’t necessary for day-to-day activities should be disassembled and put away first. This can include your coffee table, bookshelf, and playhouse. Some pieces of furniture that can be put away last minute are beds, cribs, and chairs.

Delay Buying New Items

The most exciting part of moving to a new place is decorating it. However, being in the middle of moving isn’t the best time to shop for your new home. Put off buying new things before officially moving. Purchasing new items means having more to pack. It’s just more convenient for the packing process. But if you can’t resist getting a new rug or decor piece, a great workaround is to order online and have them shipped to your new address.

Deposit Your Precious Items To Trusted People Temporarily

Keep expensive items and special mementos safe. They can get lost in the process or turn up in your kid’s box of toys. Either way, it’s best to keep them separate and secure from the beginning of the process to account for their whereabouts. To ensure that these won’t get lost in the process, separate them from the rest of your things and have a trusted friend or family member close by. They can secure these while you focus on packing.

Extra Pointers

Change Your Home Address a Couple of Weeks Before

Speaking of shipping your orders to your needed address, be sure to change your old address to your new one. This is a step many tend to overlook. Sometimes they notice too late and only after their shipment arrives at their previous address. Don’t forget to update your postal service, too.

Grab Extra Packing Supplies

You’re going to need packaging tape and lots of it. That’s a given, but you’re going to need other supplies too. These include cable ties, electrical tape, plastic baggies, foam sheets, boxes, and maybe extra scissors.

Look for the Electronics’ Original Boxes

Considering that electronics are delicate items, they may be best stored in their original boxes during the move. The actual packages often include bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and more that’s designed to fit and protect your flat-screen TV or monitor. But if you threw those away a long time ago, you can buy these supplies in your local hardware store.

Create a System

Whether it’s a numbering system or color coding, develop a system that makes moving in a little less stressful. Knowing which box should go to which room is a good start organizing things in your new home.

Moving is a stressful process, but when done strategically, it’s less of a headache. Take these tips in mind as you take care of your own move. Don’t forget to take breaks when you need them.

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