Moving with Kids: How to Make the Move Less Stressful for Them

Moving on your own is already stressful, but what if you have a toddler? How does moving and the preparation to move affect them?

Here are our tips on making it less stressful for them from start to finish.

Explain the Situation

Before they start asking questions, it’s better that you explain the whole situation to them. If they are unaware, seeing you packing your things and asking them to do the same may scare or give them anxiety. Do explain that big changes are going to come but always emphasize that things will always remain the same.

For example, you can tell them that you’re living in a new city and there will be new people to meet. However, you’re going to remain the same as a family and you’ll be together to meet all these people.

Keep the conversation to a minimum. Don’t go into all the details that they may not yet understand.

Let them Join the Process

From decluttering and packing to ultimately picking their own room, make sure your kids join the process. It will be much easier for them to understand the situation and worry less.

When you’ve purchased a new home, give them the freedom to choose their own room and how it looks like. As soon as you move, it’s also much easier for them to join you as you walk around your new neighborhood and explore your new place. This can also help them transition better.

Observe them

Toddlers aren’t always verbal, that’s why you should also observe their movements and things they may try to explain to you through actions. Make sure you’re open to listening to them and their problems so you can answer anything they may ask you.

As much as possible, make the entire move mystery-free to them.

Explain how Moving Day will look

If you’re hiring a moving company, it’s always better to explain the most possible scenario to them days before moving day. They might get scared that people are packing some of your things and moving them to a truck. This can cause stress and panic.

It’s better to let them out of the house with a sitter or with someone old enough to watch over them. They can see the whole thing from your yard where they are much safer, and they’re free to play around. Making them stay inside the house is a little dangerous as they can get injured during the move or that it can cause disruption in your moving company’s schedule.

Explain what these movers do and how they can help your family. It can help if you incorporate your explanations through stories, so it’s more fun for them.


If you are moving with a child, it’s better that you have a few weeks before the moving day. If possible, let them know as soon as you made the decision. Easing them slowly into a new life is easier than shocking them with a new place in a span of days.

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