Nine Reasons Why You May Never Want to Switch Back from Linen!

While on bed, do you sometimes feel confused, whether to keep your leg inside the cover, or to push them outside? It can often happen if the sheets are uncomfortable, where you can’t really decide whether to actually use them, or not.

You would rather want get the feel of sleeping on cloud, wouldn’t you? Well, that is not practically possible, but the next best thing is definitely the linen sheets.

Linen is one of the nature’s most wonderful gifts and it has a very interesting history. Linen can be dated back to 4000 years ago! There are records that show that it was used by Romans to make their Togas and the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt to make their Tunics.

Once you switch over to Linen, you’ll never go back to your original linen material. Here are a few reasons why its time to switch from your regular sheets to Linen.

  1. Self-Regulating Temperature Control – Looks like we can provide you with this one. Linen is the best material when it comes to controlling the exchange of heat between skin and the air. It will keep you cool on a hot summer day and warm on a cold winter night!
  2. Extremely Absorbent – Linen can absorb moisture which is close to 20% of its weight. This means your sweat will be absorbed and evaporated and the sheets won’t cling to your skin!
  3. Perfect for people with sensitive skin – Linen is Hypo-allergenic. It is the go-to material if you have sensitive skin or skin disorders. It will maintain a delicate microclimate allowing your skin to breathe easy.
  4. Sustainable – Where do I start? Flax seeds leave negative carbon footprint. It has an extremely high rate of CO2 absorption and needs very little water. The entire process of converting flax seeds to linen leaves ZERO WASTE. Another Fun Fact, The Boy King, King Tutankhamen, was buried alongside his linen curtains and they were in perfect condition when his tomb was raided in 1922!
  5. Pest-ResistantSay goodbye to bacteria and fungus and tata to insects and dust mites. Linen is naturally resistant to any of these pests. So, rest assured, you can sleep easy!
  6. Dirt- Repellent You got that right. Linen is dirt repellent. No more instant washing to save the sheets from getting ruined forever! Linen’s got you.
  7. Easy Wash and Long LifeLinen gets better and better with every consecutive wash! More so, all you need to do is put it into the washer-dryer and iron it to return it back to its former glory albeit with more shine! It’s nothing short of a miracle if you have kids with sharpies!
  8. Anti-Static PropertiesLinen allows more flow of air between the skin and sheets which make it extremely anti-static.
  9. Comfort Linen is comfortable. Sleeping on it is gentle to your skin and good for you body. It has a textured fabric which has breaks in their structure which are known to massage your body as you sleep.

Linen is a long-term investment and one that keeps getting better with every passing wash and they will last you for years. More importantly, its parent material Flax seeds have been called by the scientist as the fibre of the future – they are 100% Biodegradable!

Along with having a great history, linen bedsheets are available to you in great modern designs and a ton of other really cool features. You can now make your bedroom look stylish all while helping save the planet! So, hurry over to your nearest store and grab one now!

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