Online Heavy Lifting Solutions for All Businesses

For many Australian businesses, heavy lifting is an integral service, and while some specific industries will provide this with in-house resources, the vast majority will outsource heavy lifting to the experts. There are so many factors that go to make up a successful lift, and it isn’t just the damage it can cause to people and property that is a risk, there’s also the object being lifted, which is usually a very expensive piece of equipment. Even the slightest knock can tip a 50-ton machine in a completely different direction, and let’s not forget the wind, which can instantly cause a heavy load to misbehave.

Online Solutions

Should you ever need to hire the services of a heavy lifting expert, the Internet is the best place to start your quest, and if your business is located in Australia, there’s Welshpool crane hire from an established company that handles all types of heavy lifting. They have an impressive fleet of mobile cranes of all sizes, and with a 24/7 service, your lifting needs are taken care of by professionals who are fully qualified and insured.

Mobile Cranes

The latest generation of mobile cranes have extendable booms and are extremely manouverable, allowing lifting in very tight spaces. The operator would be very experienced with all types of heavy lifting, and there would be a team of linesmen and a strapping operator, who is responsible for attaching the load. Safety is, and always will be, the main focus when lifting heavy objects, and it certainly isn’t something to leave to chance, but with a professional team only a call away, whenever you require some heavy lifting, you can be sure they will be ready on the day.

On Site Assessment

Prior to quoting – or accepting a contract – the lifting specialist would send someone to view the project, and after they have collated their data, they would quote for the job. It isn’t possible to quote a price for a lifting operation without first seeing what it involves. The immediate environment is just one factor, then there’s the object to be lifted, which could be an awkward shape, not to mention the terrain. Of course, some lifts are quite straightforward and don’t take long, but in windy conditions, things can change in an instant, and unless you have an expert at the controls, things could easily go awry.

Contract Lifting

For regular customers that have repeat lifts, the best solution is to enter into a fixed term contract, and the lifting provider would be assigned the operation. An established heavy lifting outfit would have all the equipment, and the personnel, to facilitate any lift, and with mining and the oil industry two of their markets, they know their stuff, and once an agreement has been made, you can relax, knowing the lifting is taken care of.

Heavy lifting is a specialised industry and there aren’t that many companies in the arena, and with an online search, you can quickly be talking to a heavy lifting expert who can safely carry out the work.

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