Picking Out a Skip Hire for Your Company

If the rubbish has started to build up, skip hire is the perfect choice for you. There are a multitude of health risks and safety concerns to let any trash sit out for very long.

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Versatile Skips

Choose a company that has a range of versatile skips to ensure the best results in any job. You can usually choose from a variety of size skips.

  • 2 Cubic Yard Mini Skips are used to empty gardens and smaller amounts of rubbish.
  • 4 Cubic Yard Mini Skips are suitable for all types of waste.
  • 6 Cubic Yard Skips are an excellent choice for general building work.
  • 10 Cubic Yard Skips are great for general building work and light household waste.
  • 10 Cubic Yard Lockable Skips are perfect for general building work, such as home or office refurbishments

So, if you are looking for a large skip hire in Croydon, you can choose from these options to use the one that is best for you.

Extra Services

Choose a skip company who also has other services that are helpful for you. You might find some that have radio-controlled vehicles available or extra-reach lorries for trickier jobs. Wait and load services are popular options. This service is where you simply fill up the skip while the company waits, and as soon as you’re done, they take it away!

Choose a company that can also deliver a skip the same day you order it. Skips should also be picked up within two days of you being finished with it.

Most skip permits last for 14 days. You want a company who will take care of the permits needed as well. Skips on your property or off-street parking, don’t need council permits, but skips on pathways and highways will need permission.

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