Recommendations for Moving in Wet Weather

If you live in the UK, there is a good chance you’ll be moving in wet weather. So here are some tips to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible on the day.

Purchase Extra Black Bags

Garbage bags are handy during the moving process, they can be used for storage if you’ve run out of room in your cardboard boxes. In addition to that, they also come in handy if it starts raining on the day you plan to move. Black bags can cover your belongings and protect them from the rain. If you’ve booked local removals in Tunbridge Wells, stock up on garbage bags.

Wrap Every Item

Water can cause all sorts of damage to expensive electrical items and paintings, so make sure you wrap these items before you bring them to the removal truck. If you are trying to move in a downpour, even a short journey to the truck exposes your possessions to moisture. Remember these tips when packing items in wet weather.

  • Invest in high quality furniture covers
  • Stock up on large, black bin bags
  • Label vulnerable items
  • Cover cardboard boxes
  • Use containers where possible

Be Smart When Loading

Although it may sound obvious, you should minimise the amount of time you spend in the rain. That means moving boxes beside the door and if you’ve time, setting up a tarp between your home and the moving truck.

Hiring a professional removal team gives you access to highly trained, knowledgeable moving personnel. They’ll ensure the moving process is safe, efficient and prompt.

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