Recommendations on Buying Quality Firewood

Finding the right type of firewood to burn is essential for several reasons. Sourcing quality firewood can save you money by allowing you to heat your home using a cost-effective product. Here are some recommendations on buying top-quality firewood.

How to Recognise High Quality Firewood

  • Purchase Stock During the Winter > If you are looking to save money when purchasing firewood, consider ordering your supply during the winter. This way you allow the hardwood to dry out properly before reaching your property. When the hardwood is sufficiently dry, it will burn for longer, reducing the cost of your purchase.
  • Look for Dry Wood > If you wish to buy logs, firewood & peat fuel in Tiverton, make sure the wood is as dry as possible. Moist wood will produce less heat, it also produces more smoke which forces soot to gather in your chimney.
  • Listen for a Cracking Sound > When looking for high quality firewood, you should take to pieces and bang them together. If you hear a cracking sound, it has been air-dried, making it good quality firewood.
  • Sustainable Practices > Choosing firewood that has been produced in a sustainable manner if crucial for our environment. When you go to buy logs, ask the company about their practices. The business should use methods like woodland thinning to produce logs which are eco-friendly.

If you buy high-quality wood and stack it correctly, it will save you money and help to maintain the product.  Follow the tips outlined above and always buy from eco-friendly organisations.

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