Roofing Issues to Look Out For

Of the many components of a building, the roof is most at risk of damage. The harsh British climate relentlessly pounds down on your roof, with rain, wind, sleet, snow and gale force winds, and without regular inspections, your roof might develop issues that will quickly cause serious damage. Here are a few of the common problems you might experience with your roof.

  1. Missing or Broken Roof Tiles โ€“ Clay or slate tiles are not fixed tightly, as they would break, so gale force winds can lift tiles from the roof, especially if one is missing. Talk to your local roofers in Stoke if you notice any missing roof tiles, and sooner, rather than later. They would be able to source matching tiles and carry out prompt repairs.
  2. Blocked Guttering & Downpipes โ€“ Wet leaves and small twigs can easily cause a blockage, and a spell of heavy rain will see water cascading down your exterior walls. This will cause damage to the stone or brickwork, and with regular cleaning, your guttering will perform as it should.
  3. Storm Damage โ€“ If you have large trees that overhang your roof, there is always a chance of a storm causing a branch to come crashing down on your roof. Even if there are no trees in the immediate vicinity, gale force winds can carry heavy items into the air, and of they come down on your roof, damage will occur.

Regular roof inspections are the order of the day, especially after a spell of bad weather, and any repairs need to be carried out promptly.

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