Some Of The Procedures For Getting Your Drainage System Operational Again.

It is a terrifying moment that many of us have already experienced and for those of us who haven’t, you will experience it at some time or other. The moment I am referring to is when you flush the toilet and the contents don’t go down as they should, but they turn and they begin to move upwards. This is a scary time indeed, but thankfully it stops just at the rim of the toilet and then recedes again. Clearly, there is an issue with your drains and this is something that you need to get addressed as soon as possible. If you are a business, then your customers need to use the toilet and if you have a home, the kids are going to want to use the facilities.

In the event that your toilet is blocked, the water remains in the tray of the shower, and the water from the sink doesn’t drain away quickly, then it is very likely you may need a drain survey in Oxford and for that you need the services of a professional company. Generally, to get your drains functioning again, they will try some of the following procedures.

  • In the majority of cases, they will snake the drain in an attempt to move the blockage onwards. This is generally all that is needed to get your system back to normal again.
  • If the blockage persists, they may have to bring out the big guns and this means forcing high pressure water into your drains and this should move even the most stubborn of blockages.
  • If the above fails, then they may need to use technology to find out what is wrong. They will insert a camera into your drain system and find out exactly what is causing the issue.

A business or home can’t operate without a functioning toilet and so if you have any blockages, you need to call out your local drainage company.

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