Stranded: Locksmiths and Vehicle Care

Most of us have had an issue with the keys and our vehicles. There is often a moment when you close the car door, only to realise, just as the door slams shut, that the keys are in the seat. As you frantically try to open the locked door and check the windows, you realise you have no way to drive home. Keys often get lost in the home, as well. They may fall victim to a thieving toddler, or fall behind a piece of furniture. When you are stranded and have to get back on the road, a locksmith can solve the problem.

Locked Out

When you are staring at your keys on the seat of your car, you only need help getting the door lock open. Many new cars are not as easy to break into as older models. Locksmiths in Eltham can easily help you get a new key for the door so that you can reach the keys you left inside. You can even have the ignition lock changed to match so you only need one key. There are a few scenarios where keys disappear.

  • Locked in the car
  • Lost in home or while out running errands
  • Hidden by kids or pets


Damage to a lock can also make it so that your key does not fit the lock anymore. This often happens when someone tries to break into a vehicle. A burglar can punch the lock to gain entrance to the car and steal valuables. They may also attempt to steal the car and tear up the ignition cylinder in the process. Both locks can be restored or replaced. An older lock may also simply wear out or have a broken pin.

If you are ever stranded, a locksmith can help you get where you need to be. They can usually meet you anywhere, as well. Help can be on the way immediately.

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