Sure Signs That You Need to Replace Your Boiler

As long as your boiler is properly taken care of, then it should last you for quite a long time. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. The winter months are right down the road, so it’s important that your boiler is in perfect working condition before the freezing cold temperatures arrive. Before the snow begins to fall, check to make sure that your boiler is working as it should by looking for the following signs of failure.

The Age

Just like any other appliance that you own, age takes its toll on boilers. If your boiler is more than 15 years old, contact a company that does reliable boiler replacement in Torquay to see if your boiler is still working as efficiently as it can.

Different Colours

If the flame on your boiler changes colour it could indicate one of the following:

  • Yellow flames on gas burners indicate that it’s not burning properly
  • Black soot on an oil burner means that it’s producing carbon monoxide

If you notice either of these happening, make sure to call in the professionals immediately.


If you notice that your boiler is leaking or requires extra water, then you should contact the professionals immediately. Leaks are a sure sign that you need a brand new boiler installed.

You don’t want to realise in the middle of winter that you need a new boiler. Make an appointment today to have the professionals come to your home to make sure that your boiler is working properly.



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