Taking Advantage of a Booming Housing Market: Increasing Your Property’s Value in a Cost-Effective Manner

Even after five straight years of impactful appreciation, the Australian housing market is still continuing to expand, grow, and provide lucrative opportunities for prudent homeowners all over the country.

With an accelerated rise of 11% during the past year, property owners have a unique chance to capitalise on this steady surge and bolster resale values simply by facilitating affordable home improvement projects, one of which is choosing to install awnings around the house.

But if you’ve never considered the pros and cons of implementing awnings in today’s day and age, it’s in your best interests to learn a bit more about the nature of these modernised fixtures before scheduling a consultation with a reputable local installation team.

Awnings Provide a Valuable ROI

As any seasoned homeowner will tell you, the crux of any home improvement project is to effectively marry form and function during the decision-making process, which is why awnings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s day and age:

  • Contemporary awnings can reduce interior heat gain by up to 65% during the summertime, which will naturally decrease the need for AC usage and lower your monthly utility bills by more than 25%.
  • Awnings can also protect your floors, furniture, and other interior elements by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays on a year-round basis. When properly installed, they will reduce your home’s exposure to the sun by up to 80%, which will effectively prolong the lifespan of your most crucial indoor components.
  • Depending on the style, fabric, and built-in mechanisms, an assortment of awnings can boost your home’s resale value by about 30% of the initial installation costs. This type of property appreciation combined with the accompanying utility savings means that awnings can pay for themselves within just five years.

Awnings Are Customisable and Versatile

If you happen to be interested in folding arm awnings in Melbourne, for instance, it’s important to note that you’ll have a wide range of personalised options at your disposal:

  • Tailor-made solutions for doorways, balconies, shop fronts, windows, patios, decks, and any other area around your property
  • Wide range of fabrics, veneers, paint colours, and materials
  • Vast array of canvas options that come medium tension, full tension, or without tension
  • Can be operated by way of a roll-up mechanism, hand-operated crank, automated motor, or interior switch
  • Highly durable components that are weather-resistant, long-lasting, and impermeable to discolouration or degradation

Increase Your Perceived Boundaries

Regardless of whether you happen to own a commercial business or quaint residential home, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll also be able to extend the perceived structural limitations of your building simply by installing some fashionable folding arm awnings around your most prominent openings.

Thus, if you partner with a reputable local installation team, you’ll be able to reimagine the exterior of your home or business, enhance its curb appeal, and establish a robust outdoor entertainment area without tearing a hole through your wallet along the way.

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