The Advantages Of Regency Fireplaces

The manufacturer Regency is one of the world leaders when it comes to high-quality fireplaces. With almost 40 years of manufacturing experience, the company is well established and has maintained its superb reputation to create fireplace products that promote comfort and peace of mind all over the world. Regency produces a complete line of high-quality gas, wood, pellet, electric and outdoor fireplaces, inserts and stoves which match any home heating needs and their innovative products are designed to fit any room and style from contemporary to traditional homes. There are many advantages of using Regency fireplaces.

Their sleek and artistic products are designed to amaze using only the finest materials to leave a lasting impression on those who had the chance to gather around one of their premium fireplaces. The company takes great pride in building reliable and high-quality products that are low in maintenance and their durable construction is built to last.

Up to this day, the team of designers and engineers work together with the latest manufacturing technologies to keep developing safe and innovative fireplaces to meet the demand of the changing markets and keep environmental certification standards up to date. Hence, Regency fireplace products will always meet latest emission regulations and provide the best solution for energy efficient heating.

As a fireplace is usually a once in a lifetime purchase, homeowners often choose Regency fireplaces because all products are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty and also come with lower installation costs as the fireplaces are designed for easy installation.

Gas fireplaces are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the warmth of a fire without the chores of hauling wood and cleaning ashes. Regency offers a wide selection of gas log fires, freestanding units and inserts to suit any décor of a home. Their gas fireplaces make an exceptional fire, which is both warm and efficient and the heat can even be adjusted with a remote control. With their sleek and linear styling, the realistic flames Regency’s fireplaces create, their units will complement any clean and modern living space and many of the units can be customized to taste with designer accessories to enjoy quality time by lively flames and radiant heat.

A Regency gas fireplace can be installed and enjoyed almost anywhere in a home as they do not require a chimney. Their gas fireplaces are built with Direct Vent technology, which is the safest and most efficient method to obtain 70 to 85 percent heat. Direct vent is a two-pipe system where one pipe feeds fresh air for combustion to the sealed firebox, and the other takes away the dangerous combustion fumes. Both pipes can go up a flue or straight through an opening of the exterior wall or roof.

One of Regency Fireplace Sydney newest product line is Greenfire, offering two units with different choices of flame design.

The Regency Greenfire™ GF900L features a seamless design and beautiful wide-angle flames set on a coastal driftwood log fire to ensure efficient, clean-burning zone heating. The wide decorative landscape fire with driftwood logs is set on a realistic glowing ember bed and operates on natural gas or propane and can be turned on and off by electronic ignition even using a remote control. The Regency Greenfire™ GF900L comes has reflective black enamel side inserts and a ceramic glass with high-quality dress guard.

The Regency Greenfire™ GF900C adds modern expression to any living space. This unit features a seamless design and beautiful wide-angle flames set on a full bed of shimmering crystals. The landscape fire with crystals is set on handpicked Peruvian volcanic stones, which are enclosed by reflective black enamel panels by its sides and rear. This model comes with electronic ignition, a remote control and a powerful 3-speed fan.

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