The Advantages of Self-compacting Concrete

Construction project managers like to use self-compacting concrete (SCC) because of its characteristics. This flowable concrete spreads easily without mechanical vibration. However, a concrete mixture of SCC must be spread at a higher velocity than traditional concrete. Normally, the concrete can be placed at a height that is over five metres without concerns about aggregate segregation.

A Stress-free Solution to Laying Concrete

You can order this type of concrete from a business, such as Right Mix, and receive it the same day or next day delivery. Concrete trucks deliver the concrete in one of various dimensions, and a concrete pump can be provided for places that are hard-to-reach. Therefore, SCC provides a basic and stress-free way to lay concrete.

SCC Applications

SCC is recommended for use in construction in the following applications:

  • Earth retaining systems
  • Columns
  • Drilled shafts
  • Sites that feature a high amount of rebar or conduits

SCC Benefits

Using SCC offers the following benefits:

  • It bonds well to reinforced steel
  • It reduces the need for labour
  • The constructability is improved
  • Structural integrity is enhanced
  • The concrete flows into complex configurations
  • SCC provides premium surface finishes
  • The concrete allows for easier pumping
  • A fast placement is made without mechanical vibration
  • Uniform surface results are realised
  • The concrete is good for long-span applications
  • Flexibility is allowed in placement

If you hire a pump for the SCC mix, a certain sequence for pouring is followed. The concrete mixer truck backs on the pump before the pump operator begins the process. During the activity, the concrete is pumped at a high pressure.

When the concrete is delivered, it is transported by vehicles that range in size from four metres to eight metres. Boom and landline concrete pumps are used for the project. Besides receiving a quotation for your concrete needs, you can also calculate the amount of concrete you will require at your job site. Using the calculator can save you time and money.

All concrete loads are batched using the latest in technologies, thereby ensuring you will receive just the right amount of concrete.


When you choose to use SCC, you have to be aware of certain factors that can affect the performance of the concrete.

  • Hot weather can impact the placement of the concrete
  • If the concrete is transported over a long distance, the flowability can be reduced
  • A delay on a job site can affect SCC’s performance
  • Water added to SCC at the job site may cause stability problems, as the flowability may be reduced

If you work with an experienced concrete company, your SCC placement should proceed without too much difficulty. You just need to be aware of some of the considerations you need to make when ordering SCC. For example, the formwork should be configured to withstand the higher fluid pressure of the concrete. Also, the concrete requires more care than when conventional concrete is laid.

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