The Benefits of Using a Home Removal Company

Due to the ability to hire a reasonably sized van without too much difficulty in the UK, many people moving home attempt to complete the move themselves, usually in an attempt to save money.

And whilst this will work for some people who know what they’re doing and are experienced in the removal of large items, the rest of us might do better to take an alternative route.

The alternative route is of course making use of a specialist home removal company which will complete the job from start to finish. Read on to learn of the benefits.

Removals Expertise

When you hire a removals company, you don’t just hire a man and a van. If required, you have the ability to make use of a range of additional services which can even include the total project management of your move.

It is this expertise which will offer welcome relief in the period of stress and confusion which usually accompanies most house moves. The additional services available to you include;

  • A complete packing solution which will see all of your personal belongings and furniture professionally wrapped to prevent damage during transit.
  • The drafting of a programme or schedule, designed to tell you exactly what is going to be happening on each day.

If you would rather pack yourself, this too is an option and you will usually be provided with packing supplies as part of the service.

Insurance and Protection

Accidents happen, which is why it is always beneficial if you are covered by an element of insurance. Some removals companies offer insurance in excess of £50,000 which is designed to compensate you in the event of damage to your possessions. Electronic devices and pieces of fragile furniture are most at risk which is why insurance is a benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Furniture Storage and Shipping

As part of your move, you might find that some of your possessions need to be relocated into storage, either temporarily or semi permanently. This in itself can pose a challenge as you will either need to transport these items yourself or pay a separate company to do so on your behalf.

Thankfully, the best removal companies out there can store your possessions for you as part of your contract with them, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Unpacking on Your Behalf

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, the last thing you want to do is unpack your belongings, so why not have a removals company unpack and get you set up on your behalf?

Most home removal companies offer just that, the perfect way to finish your move.

Are You Due to Move House?

If you have a house move coming up shortly, it might be worthwhile hiring a company that will take ownership of the entire move on your behalf. If you require house removal in Essex, simply locate a suitable company by searching online for someone in your locality. Always remember to obtain at least 3 quotations to ensure value for money.

Before you know it, you’ll be settled into your new home, ready to begin your next adventure.

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