The Best Driveways in Toronto: Stamped Versus Interlocking Concrete

When thinking of the best driveway in Toronto; two options stand out: interlocking concrete pavers and stamped concrete. Interlocking paves refers to colored bricks that are a mixture of concrete and cement. The units are designed to lock into each other when fitted on the ground. On the other hand, stamped concrete refers to poured concrete that’s later textured so as to assume the appearance of bricks, natural stone or tiles. But before you can settle on any of the options, it’s important to learn their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what to know about the two:

Interlocking Concrete

Ideally, interlocking driveways in Toronto are designed to last. They don’t crack under high traffic, provided that they are properly fitted. Other benefits associated with the pavers are:

  • Versatility: You have the freedom to mix and match different colors and pattern so as to create a unique driveway. Basically, you are allowed to inject your creativity into their arrangement.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When properly fitted, they don’t require much maintenance or repair and thus are an economical option.
  • DIY Installation: The installation is easily done and quick. So, you can do it yourself.
  • Personalization: The pavers are easily customized depending on your personal style and the design of your property.

Despite all these benefits, interlocking pavers are not that perfect. They come with a few concerns. For example, you’ll need to top off the sand that accumulates at the joints on a regular basis. This is unless you use a binding polymer to lock the pavers. Additionally, lack of a binding polymer means that weeds will be attracted to the joints and this makes your driveway unpleasant. There’s also the risk of the pavers going out of position if they are not well fitted.

Stamped Concrete

Due to its distinctive and characteristic texture, stamped concrete gives you more ornamental possibilities than what you get from interlocking pavers. Therefore, you are guaranteed a ‘wow’ factor with the option. Generally, the driveway materials come with the following benefits:

  • Versatility: Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Real: Easily imitates natural stone, tiles or bricks when well poured.
  • Flexibility: Can be molded easily on site so as to get the customization that you really want.
  • Proofing advantages: Allows sealing against weather damage, harsh chemicals, and auto leakage.
  • Easy Maintenance: Provide you with an easy to clean driveway. You can clean it as you do with your floor.

However, in spite of these outstanding benefits, the driveway material is not cheap in the long run. The initial cost may be relatively cheaper but the repairs and maintenance costs are expensive. It’s not easy to avoid repairs and maintenance since the material is prone to cracking following factors like earthquakes, extreme temperatures, and heavy traffic. You have to reseal the driveway at least once a year and this costs money.


Choosing between interlocking concrete and stamped concrete is never easy. Both have tempting pros and cons that are worth thinking twice about. While stamped concrete provides you with a cheaper but short-lived driveway, interlocking pavers provide you with an expensive but long-lasting solution. So, if you are looking for a better return on investment, then interlocking pavers are the materials to go for.

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