The Factors Giving Upraise to the Contemporary Indian Furniture Industry

India has always been a land of opulence, wonders, and incredible artistry. The rich handicraft and aesthetically beautiful traditional characteristics of art have earned a formidable reputation for India’s furniture industry, both in the country and overseas. What provides elegance to the Indian furniture is exceptional design, enriched textures, quality, durability, and reliability. 

The fast-growing concepts in interior decor, elevated and luxurious lifestyle, sense of premium comfort and architecture has put the Indian furniture industry on the cutting edge, and today the furniture produced and manufactured in India has demand in each part of the globe. Be it style, use of technology, innovation or creativity, nothing comes close to Indian furniture in any regard. 

And needless to say, internationalization and media are also contributing a lot in giving a never-before upraise to the contemporary Indian furniture industry. The most significant factor behind this upraise is a gigantic investment made by reputed foreign manufacturers, and for all this phenomenal happening, the credit goes definitely to the outstanding range of previous pieces of furniture delivered by the industry.

The contemporary furniture industry in the country is yielding a turnover of Rs. 7000 crore per annum. And it might come to you as a great surprise that the furniture made from the best quality plywood in India commands the share of around 60%. And as per the calculations made by the industry experts, the industry is all set to flourish by 19-22% percent in the times ahead. 

This profusely growing stature of the Indian furniture industry has encouraged the world’s leading biggies to invest their confidence and money in the country. 

One of the most prominent factors responsible for the unexpected growth of India’s furniture industry is the penetration of the internet. Gone are the days when splendid furniture used to be available only in the physical showrooms, and furniture enthusiasts had to visit them in search of the pieces they need.

In the past 10 years, online shopping in India has witnessed a sea change, and as a result, around 35% of furniture buying is taking place online. This trend has given an immense boost to furniture sale as people prefer buying furniture from the comfort of their home. With changes in people’s choices and preferences, high strength plywood has completely replaced conventional wood as far as the construction of furniture is concerned. This has given a new kind of rise to the plywood industry in the country. 

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