The Hard Truth About Boiler Breakdown Cover

As the cold months begin to approach, the pushes for boiler breakdown covers both online and offline. The sad truth is that the main reason for the push is that there is a plethora of money to be made off boiler breakdown insurance.

The average customer pays 360 pounds per year and will still have to pay a fee of nearly 100 pounds for service on the boiler. The cover is never clear so customers are left wondering; what is actually covered; do I get regular service, why do I need breakdown cover, and where are all the boilers they tell me are going bad?

They Usually Don’t Cover What is Important

When one takes out a breakdown cover policy they want protection for the repairs and replacements that are integral to the life expectancy of their boiler. Sadly, most of the covers come up short and customers end up spending more out of their pockets.

Some of the most important things that are often not covered are flue systems, replacement of heat exchangers, or they say that the boil is too old to obtain the correct parts for repairs. There are some reputable companies that offer decent covers but, when it comes time for costly repairs; they are not covered.

Look at the Math

Let us look at this from a self-insuring way; meaning that once a year a payment of roughly 79 pounds is made for a full service of the boiler. During the course of the year if nothing else goes awry a savings of approximately 280 pounds has been made. That seems to make much more sense than paying for the breakdown cover that you may never use or that won’t cover the problem anyhow.

Companies Don’t Change Their Practices

Unhappy customers are always happy to vent their feelings and make others aware to help them to not fall victim to the same treatment. Do some research; Google can be your best friend when looking into boiler cover complaints from customers. Companies do not usually change their way of doing business so it is safe to assume they will continue to be the cause of unresolved disputes and poor service.

It’s Your Money – Your Decision

Ultimately what you do with your hard earned money is up to you and you alone but, we want to give you our best advice to help you make the best decision. Paying dearly for a boiler breakdown cover that isn’t going to cover the repairs or replacements parts that are needed is like putting money in a shredder. We encourage you to use a smaller portion of your money to hire a reputable service company that will come and do a complete yearly service to get your boiler ready for the cold months. In the event that something should go wrong; you have all that money you saved by not buying a breakdown cover to pay for the repairs. You will be disappointed if you pay all those pounds just for a service man to come out; probe the flue and tell you everything is just dandy.

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