The home renovations to avoid

Life as a homeowner often means embarking on home renovation projects. From adding a lick of paint to ambitious extensions, home renovations can be exciting – but they can also go very wrong.

Whether you’re a have-a-go hero or hiring a professional, big home improvement projects cost time and money – so it’s important to get them right.

Here are the common mistakes to avoid.

Over-the-top improvements

It’s easy to get caught up in large scale projects, as you strive to create something truly unique. But, plans change – and when it’s time to sell, weird and wonderful ideas aren’t likely to produce a good return on investment.

If you could be selling up in the future, it’s important to know what will and won’t produce a good yield.

Swimming pools and quirky changes – like wine cellars or built-in aquariums – may be less attractive to potential buyers. Converting your garage into custom-made business premises, could also reduce the value of your property, since off-road parking is a huge selling point.

The best home improvements may be extensions and loft conversions, according to a survey by Zopa – with shiny kitchens and bathrooms coming in close behind. For the best return, avoid spending too much on garden improvements, and stick to the basics.

Creating a room that isn’t suited to your needs

It’s easy to get carried away with beautiful decor when renovating your home. But, all this is useless if rooms aren’t suited to your household’s lifestyle and needs.

Ornate wallpaper may seem a wonderful idea until children or pets enter the picture. Likewise, on-trend vaulted ceilings look wonderful until winter comes, and their limited energy efficiency becomes clear. Take a look at the Energy Saving Trust’s guide to find out how to ensure your project is energy-efficient.

Always think about your day-to-day living when designing interiors – and create enough storage space to suit your needs. If you know you have a large collection of toys or books, always factor this in at the design stage.

It’s not always necessary to choose between design and practicality – dual purpose furniture ticks both boxes. Elegant ottomans make beautiful storage solutions – and beds with built-in storage are a great idea too. There are a wide range of options from suppliers like Divan Beds Centre, from built-in drawers to to lift-up secret storage options.

The opportunities are endless – browse these smart solutions to avoid renovation mishaps and gain practical furniture inspiration.

Dangerous Home Improvements

When revamping a home, it’s tempting to cut costs by doing as much as possible yourself. But, fail to hire a qualified professional for the dangerous parts, and it could cost you more than a second-rate renovation.

Always hire an electrician to carry out electrical work – and never attempt roofing work yourself. There are a number of home improvement jobs you should never try – if in doubt, it’s always worth hiring a professional.

According to a survey commissioned by Nationwide, 1 in 5 DIY heroes had to hire a professional to rectify a ‘destroy it yourself’ project gone wrong – at an average cost of £166. Since prevention is usually better than cure, if you’re not a dab-hand with a drill, it could be worth investing in a professional trader.

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