Timber Sash Windows Surrey

Woodland specialise in manufacturing the highest quality timber sash windows and doors, without compromise. To this end we source only the best quality materials in everything we make. All our timber is FSC or PEFC certified (sustainably, responsibly procured from managed, renewable sources, with full chain of custody certification) and only superior durable timber is incorporated in all exposed and exterior elements.

General specifications

All timber sash windows surrey are double glazed sash windows and are hung with traditional lead counterbalance weights, cords and pulleys. Double glazed sashes incorporate Woodland ‘Triple Seal’ total weather seal system and acoustic compression seals. Windows are finished in high quality microporous satin paint system.


All windows are fitted with fitch fasteners, cast sash lifts, sash pulls, solid brass pulleys and ‘Bramah’ two position security locks with secure vent facility as standard. ‘House’ fittings are specified as standard. Our Croft ‘Bespoke’ range may also be chosen, at additional cost.

Woodland timber sash windows are offered in a choice of three ranges as follows:

Woodland Traditional Range

Our original box sash window improved and enhanced over 40 years, suitable for most property styles, with traditionally profiled sashes hung in a 155mm box, with 16mm Argon glazing cavity, Soft coat low E glass and Warm-edge spacer bar. Offered in a choice of house colours, with a range of sash horn profiles, glazing styles, hardware, architraves and decorative mouldings.

Woodland Conservation Range

Our original box sash window as described above, but a thinner box depth of 140mm and narrow profile ‘slim-seal’ Krypton filled glazing gives an even more ‘period’ appearance. In addition, the glazing cavity is slimmed down from 16mm to either 8, 6 or 4mm depending on requirements, with options for antique heritage glass. These windows may also be single glazed. This window is suitable for conservation areas, heritage work and listed buildings.

Woodland Bespoke

For applications demanding a greater degree of individuality we offer our bespoke range. You may choose from a wide range of timber profiles including sash horns, architraves and other feature mouldings that you wish to incorporate in order to retain or restore the original character of your period windows. If we do not hold an appropriate profile in our extensive catalogue of tooling, we will replicate your existing profiles as required. In addition, a wide variety of glazing configurations, tailored colour matching, and individual fittings colours matched to your own tastes are also available

Our timber window and door ranges are categorised as either; Accoya Select or Accoya Plus. In addition we also offer products in specific species on request, such as European Oak.

Accoya Select
Woodland have spent many years developing our windows and doors with a range of timbers which stand the test of time. Sashes, casements, door leaves, glazing beads and other timber elements exposed to the elements are manufactured in Accoya® Wood to ensure a long and reliable life. Other elements are manufactured in a range of carefully selected hardwoods chosen for their durability, timber density and aesthetics when coated. This provides an excellent balance of quality and durability at a competitive price. All Accoya Select products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Accoya PLUS
For the ultimate in performance we offer Accoya Plus: windows and doors

manufactured in Premium, Grade A1, Accoya® Wood. These really are windows and doors without compromise. Accoya affords superior stability, is more durable than Oak or Teak, won’t shrink or expand with the seasons, and gives a beautiful, low maintenance finish. There simply is no other timber like it. All Accoya Plus come with our extended 30-year guarantee against rot or fungal decay.

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