Tips for living alongside insects and nature

Living side-by-side with nature can be trying at times. People have become very alienated from the land to the point where insects and bugs are reviled and often killed on site. This is completely unnecessary of course, and in many ways, very harmful to bigger ecosystems at large. Recent studies have suggested that entire species and insect ecosystems could be completely wiped out within the next fifty years if humans do not start to act smarter and with broader world views. And as the saying change starts at home, so with that in mind, here are some ways to help you coexist alongside the bugs and critters that inhabit the planet with us.

Access control

If you don’t like insects and bugs that is okay, we are not here to judge you. But there is a difference between not liking things and exterminating species. So, if you don’t want certain things to come into your house then make it hard for that to happen. Mesh blinds or second doors with screen are good options in limiting access to flying creatures. They are also fairly cheap to install and highly effective. If you don’t know where to go about finding these items a Google search for something like ‘screen doors Newcastle’ should be enough to yield the results you need. Then make the purchase and fit the doors yourself or get the suppliers to do it all for you.

Natural repellents

Certain natural products are not liked by insects. Mosquitoes do not like citronella and ants don’t like vinegar. These are very effective in chasing the creatures away without killing them. The reality is that when you use pesticides that they kill indiscriminately. So, while you might solve your roach problem you are also killing bees and butterflies and other species that you like, and which perform critical roles in food production and our daily lives.


Remember that insects are part of bigger ecosystems and that you should be striving to keep these in balance. It is true that caterpillars eat plants, but in doing so they are actually performing a vital pruning role, effectively cutting the bush back to allow it to flourish and grow again. Insects are also food for birds, so if you take away the insects from your garden then the birds will disappear. Remember that all your actions have consequences and you need to think through clearly what you are trying to do before you take actions that cannot be reversed.


If you struggle with mosquitoes, then look to erect mosquito nets over your bed. Citronella candles and bug repellent also work well. The point is though, make plans in the garden that allow you to co-exist alongside nature. Insects might be small, and even annoying, but they have as much right to be here as we do, and it is a sign of maturity and intelligence if we are able to live alongside them, rather than trying to wipe them from eh face of the earth.

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