Tips to turn your home into an entertainers paradise

The old saying suggests that a person’s house s their castle. This is very true, but perhaps more importantly, a house is also a club or a leisure centre, a place where you can entertain and live your best life. Be it hosting dinner parties or games nights or just creating a space where your friends feel relaxed and comfortable, creating that relaxed and open atmosphere in your house is an art and something that doesn’t just happen by mistake. It takes planning and thought and a lot of intentionality. Here are some tips to help you turn your home into a place where everybody wants to be.

Set yourself up right

Part of creating a relaxed environment in which it is easy to entertain means that there should always be entertainment available. In this regard a television is important, and more specifically a television that is connected to all he right channels. Your television should not be the dominant feature of the room, but it should be subtly placed to allow for the right entertainment at the right time. This could be live sport or movies or just music, having a television available is a great back-up for any entertainer. Find an expert who can set it up for you. Start online with a search for something like ‘tv antenna Wollongong’ to find your local experts. Get a few quotes and pick the one that works for you to do the installation.

The way to the heart is through the stomach

Make sure that there is always food and drink available for those occasions when guests stop past unannounced. As much as your friends want to come and enjoy your scintillating company, the lure of food and drink is a major pull. The best entertainers are always able to offer a beer or chips or last-night’s leftovers to their guests. It makes them feel welcome and at ease. Always know what you have in your cupboards and fridge.

Open plan rules
If you are able to do alterations or to change the layout of your house, remember that an open-plan layout is always best for entertaining. Too many rooms create a warren-like feel and means that your guests are always isolated from each other. You want a situation where you can prepare a meal in the kitchen and not be isolated from your friends who are watching the big game. The move inclusive the design the more successful will be the party.

Light and colour

A lot about creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is about the mood of your house. A light and colourful house, ideally where there is good flow from inside to outside is the best. Dark houses with small windows and a heavy colours are oppressive and even if the party is good, the lingering subconscious message is a negative one. So, decorate accordingly. Feature walls with bright colours or a spot of building to make the windows bigger will go a long way towards helping. Natural light is such a big win and the costs of increasing this light through bigger windows or skylights is well worth it in terms of the positive influence they will have.

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