Top Tips for Renovating Your Living Room

If you’re planning on giving your old living room a lease of new life, there are certain features you can upgrade to really give that “wow factor”. If you want to make an impression when welcoming guests into your living room, it is important to invest in the right products. Here are some top tips for renovating this space in your home.

New Floors

One of the easiest ways to make a big impact on your living room is to install new floors. There are numerous types of flooring on the market, each with its own pros and cons. But when it comes to refurbishing your living room, nothing makes more of a statement than sparkling wooden floors, stylish laminate designs or comfy, warm carpets. They have the ability to completely change the look of your living space, making it an instant hit with your guests. For instance, if your home is situated in Northern Shropshire and you are planning on installing wooden or laminate flooring in Whitchurch, there are numerous great products on the market. Here are some great ideas to consider when choosing new floors.

  • 1950’s or 60’s Retro Designs with Graphic Quality
  • Checkerboard Vinyl
  • Electric Blue Carpet
  • Stylish Wooden Flooring


Another great way of renovating your living room is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can easily change the look of any room by choosing a new colour to put on your walls. It really brings your living room to life and coupled with new floors, this room will look stylish and trendy in no time. You don’t just have to select one colour and leave it at that, you can choose to paint certain sections one colour and other sections a lighter tone. It is also possible to include bold designs and shapes, if it works well with your new floors, why not add a stylish pattern along the border or paint a unique geometric shape. The opportunities are endless when it comes to painting, just remember to use a colour or design which complements your new floors.


The next important item in your living room renovation should be your sofa set, look for a cool, trendy product that add comfort and style to your living room. Your sofa is one of the main features in your living room, alongside your floors and walls. You should select a sofa set which is both functional and trendy if you want to make a great first impression. A contemporary leather sofa, set on top of a sleek wooden floor really sets your living room apart from others. You can also include different types of quirky accessories like leopard skin pillows to add a touch of visual interest.

Renovating your living room can be exciting, you get to mix and match colours, and add new features which brings this part of your home to life. It is important to choose a good quality floor, new sofa and paint before you start adding other accessories. These 3 items should be your primary concern when carrying out refurbishments.

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