Unusual Hiding Places Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are mostly associated with begs; that is why they are called “bed” bugs. Many people think bed bugs only hide in mattresses, headboards, and behind and beneath the bed. However, these creatures are excellent in hiding and can sometimes be found in the oddest places in your house. 

When bugs hide in unusual places, finding and removing them can become very tough. That is when you need to call Rove pest control. Professional help can remove these creatures from your house in less time and ensure permanent relief from bug bites. 

Unusual hiding places of bed bugs:

Stuffed animals. 

If you have kids, you probably must have stuffed toys in your house as well. Kids tend to sleep with their stuffed toys on their beds. The bed bugs in your mattress often get transferred to these toys and cling onto them. They often hide in the creases and folds of these toys. 

Seats of school buses.

School buses carry students all the time. Therefore, they make a great hiding spot for hungry bed bugs. These bugs usually hide under the seats. When a person with bugs sits on a seat, and then a non-infested person sits there, there are very high chances of transferring bugs. 


If you think your purses are clean, you may have to look at them again. Bugs often get inside purses when kept on the ground or near infested furniture and hide in the seams and pockets. 

Electrical outlets and light bulbs.

Because of their tiny size, bed bugs are known to squeeze behind electrical outlets and hide in light bulb fittings. Reaching these areas can be particularly difficult, and expert help may be needed. 

Fluorescent lights.

You may think bed bugs are nocturnal; that is why they love being in dark places. However, these blood-suckers are quite fond of fluorescent lights. Bed bugs love hiding in any electrical outlets because it gives them plenty of room to hide. 

Cracks in walls. 

Bed bugs love being in places near their food source and provide them protection. Cracks in the walls are the perfect spot for them to go unnoticed and stay in the dark. 

Dressers and door hinges. 

Dressers are close to your bed area. Therefore, you can find these bugs there as well. Door hinges that often go unnoticed and are rarely cleaned can also be good hiding places for bugs. 


If you think airplanes are clean, think again. Bed bugs can be found in seats, carpets, and vents on airplanes. Since you cannot change your flight at the last moment, it is crucial to vacuum your luggage and wash your clothes upon reaching home. 

The bottom line is that your entire house is at risk of bug infestation as long as humans live in it. Therefore, checking your entire house thoroughly is important as bugs are thin and small enough to hide anywhere. 

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