Using a Polymeric Concrete for Your Construction Project

If you are overseeing a construction project, you know the importance of getting things done right so you can stay on schedule. That means you need to make sure you use the right type of concrete and that it is mixed properly.

Various projects necessitate different kinds of concrete. That is why it is helpful to align yourself with a concrete supplier such as Handy Concrete to obtain professional advice. Concrete load requirements can range from one-half metre to eight metres. Therefore, it is imperative you receive the correct advice to ensure you select the right ratio and quantity of a concrete mix. Otherwise, you may spend more money than you need to for the product.

Delivering a Lasting Solution

The whole idea is to use a high-grade concrete that will deliver a lasting solution. To make this happen, it helps to use a concrete that is mixed with polymeric fibres. Not only does this product resist impact well, it also possesses added flexural and tensile strength. Polymeric fibres make the concrete resistant to both fires and cracks as well. When the fibres are added, the concrete displays a smooth and even finish.

Why a Polymeric Mix Is Better

When placing an order for concrete, make sure you choose a reinforced mix. Not only will the residual strength be improved, this type of mix has more of a tendency to reduce section thickness as well. If you are paving a driveway or are involved in a civil engineering project, you want to make sure the concrete mix has been reinforced, or mixed in this case, with polymeric fibres.

A Safer and More Durable Concrete

This type of reinforced concrete is also relatively low-priced to maintain. If you use the concrete in dams, piers, or footings, the concrete proves to be much more affordable as well. Therefore, a polymer concrete is not the same as other concrete types, although it does make the concrete safer and more durable.

The Polymer Mix

A polymer concrete is an aggregate type mix that employs an epoxy binder for curing and hardening. The curing takes place through a chemical reaction with the polymer. Like traditional concretes, the mix includes water, gravel, and sand as its main ingredients. Because acrylic binders set quickly, they provide resistance to weather extremes. The epoxies in the mix produce a material that does not shrink much during curing.

What is nice about this concrete mix is that it can be mixed thoroughly and precisely. You can use the concrete to provide a base or to join various components. Therefore, it provides a practical application. That is why the mix is used in both industrial and electrical projects. If you need a concrete that resists corrosion fairly well, this is the mix to use.

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