What are Balustrades and what are they used For

For anybody out there who don’t know or who may have heard the word, but never thought to find out what it means, a balustrade is a series of architectural posts known as “balusters” that are supported with top and bottom railings.

  • A baluster is typically not large in size and most are shaped into a kind of teardrop or vase shape that differs in width.

A number of balusters are longer while some others are thicker and more rounded. A balustrade is usually seen on stairways, porches or balconies. And even though balustrades are normally of an ornamental nature, their real purpose is to stop people from falling from interior or exterior buildings

Latin Roots

With regards to the word itself, balustrade, derives from the French word, which then comes from the Italian balaustrata. Balaustro is Italian for baluster, whilst balaustrata applies to what is known as the balustrade system.

  • A balustrade system includes both the top and bottom railings and what are known as newel posts as well as the balusters.

These newel posts are columns which support the balustrade and are positioned at the entrance, or foot, of a staircase and at the corners of a balcony as well and then at evenly spaced intervals along a balustrade.

The Ornamental Beauty of Balustrades

And even though the purpose of newel posts is to hold up balustrade structures, they are typically decorative and give anywhere they are fitted, an eye catching aesthetic look. You will often see them in a round or square design and simple, but elaborate in design. The more modern design is the glass balustrade in Perth, which you are sure to have seen on occasion.

  • These newer designs are made from top quality, sturdy and beautiful looking frameless glass.

Held Firmly in Place

Balusters are designed with a small cylindrical section at the middle of each of their ends. These are round pegs that have been developed to fit perfectly into holes drilled in the top and bottom railings and are held in place also with the use of a strong and durable adhesive.

  • Todays, balustrades are made from stone, wood, glass or metal, and can be straight or curved in shape, all depending on the customer’s desires.

Now You Will Certainly Notice Them!

  • The stone type of balusters are often called “cast stone columns”.

Stone balustrades usually have stone railings, although some metal balustrades have wood railings. You may have noticed some elegantly scrolled black wrought iron balustrades with polished wood top railings.

These days, practically all shopping malls and office buildings have glass balustrades fitted somewhere. The glass might be just plain or textured, and are actually designed so as not to be eye catching, but to allow more light shine around the building.

  • And just In case you aren’t aware, that glass which is used is tempered safety glass, which will never shatter.

Balustrades are everywhere, take a look!

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