What are Landscape Gardeners

Landscape architects in South East Queensland are professionals who specialise in designing, installing and maintaining a plot of land’s plants and structures. This is done for aesthetic purposes. They can work in residential, commercial or public spaces.

Key Responsibilities

Their main responsibility is to keep the garden beautiful. If it’s a first-time project, they propose projects that will help improve the functionality and design of the space. All this is designed based on the client’s needs, the budget and the area’s limitations. They can go through multiple drafts of one design to ensure the client is happy with the proposal.

Once the project has been approved, it’s their job to see it to fruition. Operating within budget, they must source materials from manufacturers at the lowest possible price. Some will need to contact nurseries, especially if the client wants specific plant life in the garden.

These professionals require a lot of coordination and organisational skills. If they’re working on a public or commercial space, they need to take care of permits and approvals from the local government. Then, they must ensure that they’re operating within the standards of the state or territory’s regulations.

Apart from being highly technical, this type of work is also creative. They must have an eye for aesthetics and innovation. They need to know how to strategize in a way that takes advantage of the space. Other skills that are useful for the job are horticulture, botany, construction, plumbing and irrigation.

Hardscaping VS Softscaping

Hardscaping refers to man-made structures you’ll typically find in a landscaped garden. This may include retaining walls, patios, walkways and other constructed elements. These are typically added to add texture and functionality to the space, especially if they’re looking to create an outdoor entertainment area. It may also be done purely for decoration.

Softscaping refers to the natural plant life around the space. Professionals can curate and position specific plants to achieve an effect. Bushes, for example, can be planted around the perimeter of the garden for privacy, as they’re dense enough to provide coverage. You will also need the service of a rubbish removal specialists in Mackay to dispose the trash from your recent outdoor improvement project.

Author: Carrie Sze

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