What Are The Important Cooking Methods Everyone You Should Know

As we approach the beginning of a New Year, I’m sure many of you are planning to cook healthy, develop better eating habits & put home-cooked dinners on your table. While that’s a wonderful idea, you should always remember to know the basic methods of cooking. Knowing them will definitely help you prepare healthy & delicious dishes and save you from ordering-in or going out to restaurants just to grab a meal. So, if you want to know some essential cooking techniques, go ahead and give this a good read.

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In a basic stir-fry, you’ll first need to cut down your food in small bite-sized pieces so that they cook well and evenly. Such methods are often used in Asian cuisines. With the help of a cooking utensil, the food is cooked by shaking and stirring across the pan. The heat below the pan is quite high. A small amount of oil is often used also so that all the ingredients are well cooked without getting stuck to the dish. While stir frying is a simple & swift technique, it can also lead to overcooking when you mix the final components.


Stewing is often seen as braising. It refers to cutting down food into small pieces and also refers to cutting whole pieces of meat, etc. Stewing the foods are often browned using higher heat. After that, it is returned back to the pot using other ingredients like liquid and vegetables. The pot is then covered partially after which the cooking is completed on low heat. Stewing is also a good method where you can cut tough cuts of poultry or meat with kinds of seafood like tender, squid or conch.


Baking is an excellent cooking method where you use dry heat within closed spaces. Usually done in ovens, baking is done when heat is contracted using batter or dough. For this, however, you will require a good quality mixer grinder. A proper mixer & grinder won’t just make baking a smooth experience but also save you a lot of energy. If you want to buy mixer or grinder, then make sure you check out Crompton. Crompton offers you the best mixer grinder varieties with various speed varieties and designs you will absolutely love.


Food preparation can be a lot easier if you grill your meats and veggies. The method is quite simple. You could slab meat over the fire and it will actually retain a lot of important minerals like thiamine and riboflavin. Not just that, such nutrients play an important role in helping you maintain a healthy diet. Grilling, however, is not the same as barbequing. Barbequing requires a lot more sauces & extra step.

Now that you have understood the basic methods of cooking, you could also choose the best techniques that can be used for all kinds of dishes you prepare. As you keep trying and practicing new techniques, you’ll also learn how to have a grip of better cooking habits. Whenever required, you could also use a combination of moist and dry heat for better cuts.

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