What Are The Window Cleaning Tools?

There are many tools for cleaning windows. Some people prefer to act the old fashioned way and use the newspapers they read. Others carefully study modern technologies and purchase specialized equipment. Still others do not come up with anything original and use long-proven methods, acting with the help of ordinary rags or napkins.

But there are users who have not yet decided on the method of washing windows and are thinking about the need to purchase all kinds of devices. It is for such people that we have prepared an article devoted to the analysis of the pros and cons of various window cleaning tools.

Best Window Cleaning Tools

Next, we will consider the most affordable and effective window cleaning tools, and then evaluate the feasibility of using them in the home.

Microfiber cloths

It is advisable to use such wipes only in the presence of small contaminants. Otherwise, the effect will be inconspicuous. Therefore, wipes are used mainly for washing windows in rooms located away from the roadway.


  • a wide range and availability of purchase;
  • ease of use in non-critical situations;
  • ecological cleanliness and tactilely pleasant material.


  • high unit price;
  • insignificant resource of application;
  • low efficiency with serious pollution.

For a full-fledged effect, it is recommended to purchase a napkin with a “pigtail” weave (for the initial wash) and a terry napkin (to absorb moisture and eliminate stains) at the same time.

Mop with telescopic handle

This device is designed specifically for cleaning glass. Its design consists of an adjustable handle and several interchangeable nozzles (for washing and removing water). Washing windows with this tool is very simple – you need to perform smooth vertical movements, up to the moment of getting rid of pollution.


  • low weight and compact dimensions;
  • ease of use for interior and exterior window treatment;
  • efficiency due to the presence of complementary nozzles.


  • the cost of a good model is quite high;
  • exactingness to the skill and accuracy of the user.

When buying, it is important to choose the right handle length. Ideally, it should be 50 cm more than the height of the double-glazed window.

Magnetic brushes

Convenient device, the design of which includes two brushes and a magnet. The brushes are installed so that they are parallel, but on different sides of the double-glazed window. A magnet is responsible for the simultaneous movement of the brushes. This makes it possible to wash windows on both sides while inside the room.


  • absolute safety for the user;
  • reduction of window washing time by 2 times;
  • ease of glass processing in any weather.


  • the price of a quality model is very high;
  • the need to get used to a new method of cleaning.

Washing windows with this device requires some skill, and you need a good eye, because you will need to place the brushes as evenly as possible – without shifting up or to the side. Book a window washing service https://windowwashingexpert.com/window-cleaning/ .

Steam cleaner

This device is universal. Therefore, if there is an appropriate attachment, it can also be used to clean windows in Vladivostok. The process is simple – a standard uniform steam treatment is performed over the entire area of ​​the windows, followed by removal of the remaining moisture with a rubber scraper.


  • additional disinfectant effect;
  • savings on detergents;
  • work autonomy.


  • inconvenience of using the unit;
  • risk of burns if not handled carefully.

Purchasing a steam cleaner specifically for cleaning windows makes no sense. But if the device is already available, then you can buy a nozzle and use steam to quickly get rid of dirt on the glass and frame.

What is the best tool for cleaning windows?

The main selection criteria are:

  1. Price. You can spend money once and buy an expensive tool or buy napkins as needed. And you can clean the windows for free (if you have cleaning products) using newspapers and rags.
  2. Convenience. Here, the telescopic mop is considered the undoubted leader. It is painfully convenient for her to wash windows of various sizes.
  3. Safety. In this regard, it is better to rely on the mentioned mop or magnetic brush. Better yet, play it safe and call cleaners.

Ordering window cleaning from professionals is quite simple. It is enough to contact the profile window cleaning company https://windowwashingexpert.com/window-cleaning/washing-company-barrington/. Experts will perform the work efficiently, quickly and at an affordable price.

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