What do you think are air conditioners good or bad for health?

What are air conditioners and what are the different types of air conditioners? Air conditioners are the machines that are used by people for making the air in the room cool and dry during hot and humid weather in summers. There are so many different types of air conditioners that are used by people for domestic and commercial purposes.

There are mainly two types of air conditioners. The two different types of air conditioners are mentioned below with a short note on them:

  • Split air conditioners: These are the air conditioners that have two machines one is an outdoor machine and other is indoor machines. Both machines play a different role. One of the machines helps in purification and cooling of air whereas other machines help in throwing out the dirty air and moisture out in the environment.
  • Window air conditioners: These are the small air conditioners that people use in their houses and are sometimes used in offices also. These air conditioners have only one machine that plays all the vital role. This air conditioner is attached on the window like a water cooler.

These above mentioned are the two different types of air conditioners that are used by people for domestic and commercial purposes. People can take help from ac specialist services for maintenance and servicing of their AC.

What do you think about AC? Air conditioners have both good as well as bad impacts on the health of people. Some of the good and bad impacts of air conditioners on people’s health are mentioned below as follows:

Good Effects

  • Helps in making the air purified: When you switch on the air conditioner the mechanism starts. When the air is cooling the temperature of the room is also clarifying the dust and bad air from the room making the air pure and proper for consumption.
  • Helps in making the hot air cooler: While using AC in summers it helps people to get rid of the humid weather. These are the machines that make the atmosphere cool and therefore, people can easily enjoy the cold atmosphere in summers also.

Bad Effects:

  • Create so many problems to the health of the person: When the air conditioner is switched on the air around us is full of moisture. The function of the air conditioner is to remove all this hot and humid air and therefore, change it to dry and cold air. When the air around us gets dried it creates a problem for people at the time of breathing, also creates congestion and therefore blocks the nasal passages. This is one of the major bad effects of AC on people.
  • Can cause so many airborne diseases: Sometimes people use window AC. This is the AC the gives out so many waters. If the AC do not get proper servicing and maintenance, then dust gets stuck in the passages of the AC. This further gives the problem to the people while taking breathe and can also lead to so many airborne diseases.

People should do AC system service at regular intervals or when needed. This s all that people should know about the effects of AC.

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