What To Do When You Have Bees Around Your Home.

When a bee comes round your head, you generally just swat it away and off it goes. Occasionally, it gets a little upset at you and will buzz around a little more, but generally it will go away. It is an easy problem to solve, but when the numbers increase and you are looking at a large hive or colony, then that is a different ball game, and there is the potential for the situation to become both fairly complicated and dangerous. This is when you should avail yourself of the services of a pest control expert in the Cardiff area. Before you do call them, however, try to establish what species of bee you are looking at by looking at their nesting location, and also how the bee looks as well. This will allow you to identify the type, and go looking for quotes from pest control businesses, to address your problem.

Know Your Bees.

There is sometimes some confusion in the UK when people talk about bees. We tend to generalise and call all insects that look like bees – bees. There are, however wasps and hornets in the UK and you need to be able to tell the difference. Look at the hair on their bodies, bees are rather hairy insects, whereas wasps and hornets have very little hair on their bodies. Look at what they are eating. If it is going from flower to flower, then you know it’s a bee looking for nectar, if it’s hanging around discarded food and eating other insects, then it is a wasp or hornet. Bees are generally quite fat in their middle, but hornets and wasps are much thinner and longer.

The Last Resort.

Honey bees generally build their nests outside in trees and old tree trunks, but they have been known to build homes in the roofs of houses and in the walls, if there is a space for them to get in. This is, generally, when problems may arise and you may have to look for pest removal in Cardiff, to address the problem. Getting rid of bees will hopefully be a last resort, because they are a great benefit to our environment because they provide pollination for food crops. Without them, we would be in a lot of trouble, so it’s best to call in a professional pest controller who knows the best way to deal with the issue.

Various Solutions.

Pest control experts have many solutions available to them when it comes to getting bees to go away. They can, of course, use smoke to get the bees to relax and then try to remove them by means of a vacuum cleaner-type device, where the bees are sucked into it and then redistributed somewhere else. Sometimes the bees will have built a huge honey comb and this has to be removed as well. If the bees have built their nest behind any walls in your home, then the plaster board has to be removed and this means, that you have to spend money to repair the area that has been damaged.

Always be careful around bees, wasps and hornets. Generally if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. But occasionally they become a nuisance and this is when you need to talk with the experts.

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