When is a Laundromat More Than Just a Laundromat?

Busy working mothers with kids often don’t have the time to sit for hours at ordinary laundromats in Orlando Florida to try to get their laundry done.  Even people who have a washer and dryer at home often can’t find enough time to sort and load and unload and fold.

Kids make a ton of laundry.  They can go through three outfits in one day playing in the mud, or spilling their lunch all over themselves, or rolling in the sandy Orlando soil and wet grass while they are wrestling with each other.

Homemakers Laundry

People who are responsible for running a home, whether they are the male head of household, or the female head of household, have one chore that cannot be ignored for very long.  Everybody from mom to dad to the smallest baby needs clean clothes to put on every day.  It’s a huge job and extremely time-consuming.

That’s why homemakers need laundromats in Orlando, Florida that are more than just laundromats.  These laundromats provide many important services that make life easier for everyone.

At these laundromats in Orlando, Florida they specialize in wash and fold services.  Imagine how much time that saves.  And like they say – time is money. Homemakers can just bundle up their laundry in a laundry bag provided by the laundry service.  Then they plop the bag on the counter and walk away to do all the other chores they have to do.

If homemakers are even more pressed for time, these laundromats in Orlando can even come to your door and pick up your laundry for you.  When it is sparkling clean, they will deliver it to your door.

Time and Money Savings

When the laundry is done by the experts at these laundromats in Orlando, Florida, homemakers don’t have to spend time getting a bag full of quarters from the bank. They don’t have to spend money on detergent, bleach, additives, and dryer sheets.  The laundry comes out smelling delightful and all that needs to be done is to have the kids put their clothes in their drawers.

Another point that saves time is the payment method.  The laundromats accept credit cards.

Commercial Laundry

These laundromats in Orlando, Florida, also save time and money for business owners whose business depends on clean laundry.

Hotels and restaurants depend on clean unstained linens. When they use laundromats in Orlando, Florida business owners don’t have to worry about wasting employee time when they are trying to get out stains.  Their employees don’t have to spend time folding those big impossible king-sized fitted sheets.

Health clubs and gyms also depend on a steady supply of clean towels.  People who rent out vacation homes also need their linens to be fresh and unstained for guests. If a business requires their employees to be in uniform, these laundromats in Orlando Florida can keep the uniforms in good shape.

As with homemakers, business owners don’t have to pay for detergent and softeners, and other additives.  Everything can be put on a credit card.  Pick up and delivery are also offered.

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