When Should You Call Out a Plumber

Plumbing is one of those things in our homes that we desperately need to be working at all times. It allows fresh water into the home and transports waste water away from the home. In this sense, plumbing is absolutely essential to our ongoing health and wellbeing. When something happens to the plumbing, would you know when to call out an expert to have a look?

Looking for the Signs

So, what signs would indicate that you need to call out local Chatham plumbers? Consider the following:

  • Blocked drains: The drains in our kitchen sink, bathroom, shower, and toilet can all become blocked pretty easily. If you notice that the water is taking an unusually long time to drain, it’s partially blocked up. If it’s not draining at all, you have an even bigger problem! Soap scum, hair, sludge, and food debris can all get clogged in the average drain. If you also notice a gurgling sound or a foul smell coming from any of the drains, calling a plumber is the right thing to do.
  • Hot water and boiler: We rely on hot water for bathing, washing, and showering. When the hot water heater decides to stop working, it’s time to get a plumber out. If you notice any leaks or pools of water near your hot water heater, make a call. If you notice that the hot water temperature is fluctuating, call a plumber.

Always Call an Expert

We all depend on plumbing in the home and office, so when it fails or breaks it’s really important to call out a local plumber. Recognising the signs of faulty plumbing is always a good thing.



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