Which Mattress to Choose For Bed- Latex or Foam

Time has come to buy a new mattress for your bed. Since you had purchased your last one about 4-5 years ago, now it is good to replace it. However, you do not know what is good or bad; you want an item that is suitable for your sleep and comes in your budget.

As you check several online sites or visit shops, you might get confused by seeing lots of options available. Most of them are made with either latex or foam. These are the two most popular varieties found. But, before you pick up your best item for your bed, you should know the difference between the latex and the foam one. Most of us are not expert in buying, so here is a guide that will help you to pick the best one for your bed-

Latex or Foam- How They Are Formed

First, let us tell you about the difference between foam and latex. There are mainly two types of latex available, one is made of the synthetic components, and the other one is made with the natural ingredients. The chemical latex is derived from petroleum or chemical additives. The natural latex is made from rubber tree sap. Most of the buyers prefer using the natural latex as the synthetic latex release chemicals inside your home.

The memory foam is made with polyurethane and some other added chemicals. As the foam mattress gets exposed to heat, it changes its shape. It can contour as per the body requirements. There is no natural option for the foam; it is synthetically produced.

Hopefully, it is clear to you that the raw materials for latex and foam mats are much different. Now, come to the firmness and density.

Latex and Foam- The Density and Firmness

If you are looking for an item that can help you to release from stress and pressure, the foam variety is the best one. However, it will take time to heat up the mat and to provide the contoured shape. If you are looking for an item to support your spine while you sleep, the latex one will be the best. As latex will not change as your body contour, it provides best bounce surface. If you are someone who is active sleeper and change positions throughout the night, you can go for the latex mats. Now, let us tell you about the temperature factor.

Latex and Foam- The Temperature Factor

As latex mattress does not absorb too much heat, it will be a better choice for the sleepers who prefer cooler surface. The foam mattresses are available in gel infused layers. However, your purchase depends upon your preferences. There are also other factors that will help you to choose a good mat for your bed, as the number of persons sleeping on the bed, for how long the mattress will be used, how many kids will sleep and your budget.

Hence, when you are choosing the best mat for your bed, be very careful and go through the material details before buying.

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