Who Else Wants To Enjoy Wood Fired Hot Tub

Using a wood fired hot tubs are gaining a lot of popularity here in the UK even when the nation has access to quality-assured electricity-powered hot tubs. This emerging trend has a strong reason behind it. As per market researchers and end-user opinions, compared to electric-powered hot tubs, wood-burning hot tubs come with benefits aplenty.

On that note, there are certain tips and tricks that one must follow if they want to make the most out of their wood-burning hot tub.

Some of those tips are as follows –

Fill just the right amount of water in the tub

Make sure that the water level in the tub is more than eight inches below the brim of the tub. There are two reasons behind this – first, more water means the tub would need to burn more fuel and take more time to heat the water.

The second reason is the Archimedes principle.

You see, when you will take a dip in the tub, an amount of water that is equivalent to your body weight will get displaced. Now, in case the tub has more water than you might need, the displacement will lead to water spillage.

Hence, in case you do not want to wastewater and leave the backyard of your home all muddy, be sure to fill up the water only till its level is eight inches below the brim of the tub.

Avoid igniting the heater when the tub doesn’t have water

You should not ignite the fire when the tub is empty as it can damage the same. Furthermore, you should not empty the tub as soon as your hot tub session comes to an end as the embers inside the heater of the tub are still live. Emptying the tub will damage the same.

Always empty the tub at least an hour after your hot tub session concludes. By this time the fire would have died down completely hence, it would be safe for you to empty the tub.

Start the fire using firelighters and softwood

You can always start the fire by using firelighters found in stores but kindly avoid using paper sticks as it increases the soot content emanating from the heater which may end up in the water you are supposed to take a dip in.

For the best results, you should start the fire using small pieces of softwood. Avoid piling up large pieces for building up the fire as it will take longer for them to burn let alone reach the temperature needed to heat the water in the tub.

Maintaining the heat supply is crucial

Once the water in the tub is heated to a temperature of your liking, you must make sure that this temperature is maintained. You can easily make sure that the water is heated to a steady 40 degrees Celsius by placing large pieces of hardwood in the heater of the tub.

Hardwood is recommended at this stage as it will help to keep the fire burning for longer.

In case the water inside the tub got too hot, all you would need to do is open the lid of the hot tub and let the accumulated steam escape. After this, you can easily add more water to level the temperature to your liking. In the end, be sure to follow the steps mentioned in the sections above for the best results from your wood-burning hot tub.

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