Why Choose Polished Concrete As Commercial Flooring Options

Durability and cost-effectiveness are key priorities for commercial establishments when choosing the ideal flooring options. If you are looking for options that would best fit these criteria for your commercial flooring project, you might consider polished concrete floors at the top of your list. This type of flooring is where concrete is treated using densifiers to allow a smoother facade of the surface, filling out all the pores of the usual concrete floors. The process is intensified with the use of grinders to give a polished shine to the floor to give it a light reflective sheen. Are you still wondering whether this is the best option for your commercial flooring project, here is a list of benefits to help you make an informed choice?


Commercial floors need to withstand a very heavy range of foot traffic. Concrete floors are naturally able to withstand quite a high range of pressure without sustaining any damages or chips to the surface aesthetics of the floor. This will cut the need for changing the floors or invest in repair work quite often. High-quality providers of concrete grinding services Perth will also make sure that they only use the highest quality materials when laying your commercial concrete floors. This also has a direct effect on the overall sustainability of your flooring through the years even in heavy usage areas.

Longer installation term

Concrete flooring has longer life term as compared to any other flooring option available in the market. You can expect the flooring to last for more than 10 years without the need for any major maintenance or repair work. In fact, many commercial establishments prefer concrete flooring over commercial carpeting or laminates.


The cost-effectiveness of the concrete polished flooring is enhanced by the fact that it has a long run and durable life span. However, if you already have a concrete slab laid down for your commercial floor, you can expect to have your overall costs cut down even more as you will only need to invest for the polishing of the slab concrete to change it into a polished flooring option.

Low key Maintenance

Unlike marble or tile floors, polished concrete can be maintained with low key strategy off simply sweeping and daily wet mopping. You do not need to invest in periodic acid washing or industrial chemical cleaning to maintain the shine of the polished concrete over time.

Customizable aesthetics

While earlier, tiles had an advantage due to their customizable texture and colours, the polished concrete floor has definitely come up in the criteria with many available options of staining and polish finishing which can give you a customised texture and shades to your floor. With the introduction of various staining and chemical ingredients, the unifiers can be transitioned to texturizers for your polished concrete floors.

The dual effect of custom aesthetics and high range cost efficiency makes it the commercial flooring option that is most in demand. However, also make sure that you only book the services of a high-quality company like DS Grinding for the most sustainable installation of high quality polished concrete floors.

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