Why You Should Have A Moon Lamp In Your Home

The home is the place we love and spend so much time in. Our home is our safety each day and night and allows us to recharge for the next day. Home is a place which can also mean romance and passion while at the same time it provides the much needed peace during more stressful times.

But even the most beautiful homes that are brimming with love need to be aided in cultivating a peaceful and restful environment. Some homes prefer to use scented candles or soft lamp shades to set the mood, however, nothing works more perfectly than the glowing radiance of the moon lamp. The appearance and glow makes it look like a spitting image to that of the real moon.

The idea of the moon lamp is to recreate the effect of the peaceful outdoors and bright moonlight offered each night, but inside of outside, inside the house. To achieve this, Lunar Effects from Australia use 3D printing technology to create the moon lamp which replicates the exact appearance of the moon. It truly is something special. With the creation of these lamps, it is now possible to see the moon with the craters, the ridges, the spots etc., at close range inside your home.

Callisto On Ground

Why settle for the moon a million miles away outside when you can have piece of the action in your own home?

Choosing the right moon lamp

While the concept of moon lamp is by itself quite incredible, choosing the correct moon lamp to light up the house is also of much importance. A few points to consider when purchasing are:

  • Battery: Moon lamps generally come with built-in lithium batteries which help light it up. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the battery used is certified as well as rechargeable. This will ensure that once charged, the moon lamp will keep producing light for a few hours.
  • Material:Lunar Effects ensures only quality. They use eco-friendly, non-toxic Polyvinyl Chloride which gives the lamp a solid structure and feel, which is made via 3D printing technology. It also comes with a wooden stand which is laser engraved, which is easy to assemble. This ensures the lamp can be displayed properly.
  • Texture:Lunar Effects make sure that the lamps are as realistic as possible by using NASA moon imagery. This gives it a ridged feel and one that really gives us a sense of what the moons surface would be like.
  • Charging port:The lamps come with a small charging port located at the bottom of the lamp, so that is does not ruin the beauty of the lamp. The lamp comes with a small USB cable which can be plugged into existing plug adapters you may have with you mobile phone, laptop, computer etc. Charging takes approximately 3 hours.
  • Colour:Lunar Effects wants you to set the mode. Their lamps therefore come in three different colours – cool white, warm white and warm yellow. The small metallic sensor located at the bottom of the lamp next to the charging port is where you can choose the colour. Not only that, each colour can be dimmed and then brightened by holding the sensor.
  • Size:Lunar Effects have taken a different, and more universal approach to their lamps, which is refreshing. They have based each lamp of the Galilean moons of Jupiter, and even taken into consideration the size of each lamp when doing so. They have opted for the following:
    • 8cm named Europa
    • 12cm named IO
    • 15cm named Callisto
    • 20cm named Ganymede

Customised Moon Lamps

Every Lunar Effects moon lamp comes with a wooden stand which is laser engraved with the brand logo along with the name of the moon matching the specific size. Lunar Effects aim to go above and beyond with their lamps and customer service, ensuring quality throughout.

Moon Lamp In Flowers (1)

This means they are willing to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the lamp, and also offer a 3 month product guarantee should there be any initial issues with the lamp. They are willing to offer you your money back in this period should you wish to return the lamp. Alternatively, you can swap it for a different lamp.

It is safe to say that moon lamps offer something very different in your home, office or even outdoor space to that offered with traditional lamps. It adds something very soothing and opens you up to curiosity as to the moons existence in our solar system.

No doubt it will add a magical experience for those relaxing or romantic moments at home. The question is, have you purchased yours yet? If not, head over to Lunar Effects website and check them out!

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