Why You Should Update Your Radiator

For whatever reason, radiators are oftentimes an indicator of an older home, but newer developments have made them dramatically more modern.

Updated appearances and functional improvements have completely changed how many people view radiators, and in many cases, radiators are customisable to fit the stylistic requirements of your home.

Designer Radiators

Radiators have been traditionally clunky and unattractive, providing heat but providing nothing in terms of aesthetics for your home.

Designer radiators at The Designer Radiator Company are an incredibly sleek and stylish alternative to traditional radiators that serve as both a heating mechanism and a visually pleasing accessory for any room.

Many of these utilise a flat panel design, which is not only cleaner and more minimalistic, but the surface area of the flat panels increases heating efficiency and potentially reduces energy usage.

Vertical or Horizontal Radiators

Not only can the radiator system function horizontally and vertically, you will also be able to choose between horizontal and vertical panels, whichever one better services your stylistic preferences for your home.

For extreme minimalism, you may opt for a panel-less radiator. This extremely simple design hides the fact that you even own a radiator, and effortlessly fits into any type of room.

Bespoke Radiators

For ultimate style and even greater functional opportunities, designer radiators also include bespoke designs and patterns.

Have your radiator act as a towel rack, resemble piano keys, or be specifically crafted into one of your own designs. Bespoke radiators make it possible to disguise your radiator as a wall ornament you purchased from the store, a mirror, or anything else you can imagine.

Modern homes specifically would greatly benefit from these updated radiator designs.

Designer radiators are an absolutely fascinating development in the world of radiators, and they may even make people without radiators rethink their heating options.

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