Why You Should Use Wallpaper in a Living Room

Isn’t wallpaper wonderful? Most of you reading this right now can look up and see wallpaper in the very room where you are sitting, right? The wallpaper itself can provide a big visual effect and is available in such a wide range of different colours, patterns, and textures.

What most people also love about great looking wall murals and wallpaper is that they can be used in so many different alternative ways. If you’re looking at combining some wallpaper but don’t really know how to, check out the below:

Covering Every Wall

And whilst the look might not be quite as favoured as it was a couple of decades ago, it can still definitely work and depend on the room type and the paper.

  • What you must do is forget those bright gaudy memories of the 1970s, plus the fragile floral type of the 1980’s, and then consider modern colours, patterns and designs.

In some rooms a strong, vivid paper can look ideal covering all of the walls, while in various other areas, a somewhat simpler arrangement or texture will generate subtle overtones.

Trying Only Half of the Wall

For those who’ve never tried it before, try covering either the top or bottom half of your walls with a great wallpaper. This is a fantastic method of getting a great look without overpowering an area and works exceptionally well when boarding is used on the other half.

  • To make it look just perfect, separate the papered and non-papered halves with the likes of chair rail moulding

This is actually a look that was extremely popular a long while back, but you will see it in many rooms nowadays that wish for an eternal style. (I.e. It’s that one classic look that will never ever go out of fashion)

The Laying of Two Papers on One Wall

No, not on top of each other! An interesting and alternative look is created via covering the top half of a wall with one wallpaper and then the bottom half with another (Don’t forget the chair rail moulding!). This is an effective visual look when you get it perfect as your friends and family will soon be telling you!

Ever Hear of a Feature Wall?

What is known as a wallpapered feature wall is a superb of creating or enhancing a current focal point which you already have. It is designed to attract the eyes and thus produce a visually stunning feature.

  • Should you wish to try out this alternative style, you can use of wallpaper and go both bright and striking (but not in that 70’s style!) or you can go cool and subtle.
  • Ensure that there’s no competition from any other focal centrepieces in the room as your eyes will not appreciate the scene of chaos!

So try to put this kind of wallpaper on the wall to the back of your TV or around your lovely fireplace, so that your eye is instinctively drawn to it.

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