3 Recommendations for choosing a fumigation company

When looking for a fumigation company for either business or houses, it is important to know what the best option beyond the price is or popularity you may have, in this article we tell you 3 ways to identify the best option.

A fumigation Building Inspections Sydney and pest control company needs certain minimum requirements to work under the standard, in addition to having the knowledge and equipment necessary to make an effective service that must give certainty and security to the client.

1. – Sanitary License

One of the points that support the legality and formality of a fumigation company is the registration with COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks) this guarantees that the methodologies and procedures are carried out by trained technicians and aware of the use of pesticides.

  • What is a health license?

It is the document issued by the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) that regulates pest control companies.

  • Because it is important?

Its function is to regulate companies that work with insecticides and other care products.

The sanitary license guarantees that the pest control companies have the appropriate equipment, knowledge, and facilities to carry out such work.

2. – Knowledge of the equipment and insecticides.

It is important that technical personnel have the necessary knowledge as well as training in the area of ​​pest control. It is common for applicator technicians to have higher education such as agronomists, biologists, veterinarians, etc. They can also strengthen their knowledge with diplomas, workshops, courses, congresses, etc.

Pest control requires knowledge about the biology of pests (life cycles, habits, species, etc.). It also requires knowledge about integrated pest management, requires knowledge of variable techniques and methods, in addition to chemicals and their formulas, families, and mechanisms of action. In addition to knowing the risks involved in the use of certain substances and, above all, you should know the national and international standards that govern the pest control universe.

3. – Security and certainty

Unlike the informal market, a fumigation company offers greater security in terms of experience and reliability because when it presents a problem with the service, it responds to situations that may arise.

Contact and trajectory data

One factor that gives security is to have the information about the company as well as all the data of the company (telephones, address, social networks, health license number, reference clients, etc.).

Labeled vehicles

All vehicles used by the company to carry out this work must be properly labeled with the name of the company, telephone numbers, websites, and social networks.

Uniforms and identifications

Pest control technicians should always wear uniforms and wear the company logo. They must also have the necessary safety equipment from footwear to clothing.

Our Building Inspections Sydney is based on security and reliability as a differentiator, we seek to go beyond expectations and deliver the extraordinary. We believe in what we do as a means to improve people’s lives.

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