4 Benefits Of Installing Synthetic Grass For Sports

We all love sports and especially so in Australia. This country was built on sports and we bring home the medals every time. If there is an international event going on, we are there winning and if it’s just a game of footie or tennis, we all involved in that do. We simply love sports and that is why we should be able to train and play on the best surface. Synthetic grass allows us to train or play at any time and as long as there is sufficient daylight or flood lighting, then we are good to go. There is nothing worse than being restricted to when you can play, when you just fancy a game of tennis. There are many advantages of this wonderful covering and I will tell you more about them here.

  1. Looks Good. Feels Good – It really does look like the real thing. There is no way to know from a distance and it’s only when you get up close and down on your knees to really look at it, that you might realise that it is synthetic and some people don’t even realise it, even then. Depending on the type of artificial grass surfaces you are used to, technology allows the artificial grass to retain water so it is just like playing on a standard pitch or court. It provides fantastic shock absorbency throughout the whole area to protect your joints when you land hard, and you can actually get it in a number of different colours and shades.

  1. Anytime – What could be better knowing that you can play or practice your tennis game at any time. If it is a clay or grass surface and it rains, then this is going to restrict, when and how you use it. You don’t have these issues with synthetic grass surfaces. You just get out there and play no matter what the weather. Grass surfaces can only be played on for an average of two hundred and fifty hours every season due to many issues, but with your artificial surface you can play 24/7, every day, every week.
  1. Easy To Maintain – When a standard grass surface is played on then it gets very messed up with the studs on boots ripping up the grass or that sliding tackle that just leaves a massive crease on the surface. Not so, with synthetic grass because it’s very unique composition means that it lasts long and keeps its shape. It allows more games, more training and a lot more matches. A simple brush of the playing surface to remove some dirt and leaves and you are off again.

  1. No Cutting – Unlike conventional grass, artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there’s no grounds keeper needed to take care of the surface. Each surface requires minimal maintenance and most companies that install your surface initially, can apply six monthly aftercare, to keep it looking new and fresh. There is no need for those pesticides, so you are also being environmentally responsible when you decide to install it

You can play anytime, it feels great, there’s no cutting and there’s no waiting after one game ends and another one begins. Maybe it’s time you seriously considered a synthetic surface for your sporting needs.

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