5 Benefits you Can Expect from Double Glazed Replacement Windows and Doors

If your home is looking a little jaded, it might be time for a transformation, and with uPVC or aluminium frames, double glazing offers the homeowner a host of benefits. There is no maintenance with a composite material, and the uPVC is reinforced with galvanised steel to ensure the highest level of security. Of course, replacing all of your windows and doors will not be a cheap exercise, but when you consider the following benefits, it is understandable why so many Australian homeowners are turning to double glazing.

  1. An Even Temperature – Double glazing prevents heat loss, which is typically significant with a single pane of glass, and with hermetically sealed double glazed units, you can reduce heat loss by up to 60%. In the summer months, you’re a/c will not have to work so hard to maintain the required temperature, and in the cooler time of year, your valuable heating will no longer be exiting via the windows and doors. If you are looking for glaziers in Perth, for example, for example, there is a local company that specialises in matching the design with the property, and with many years of hands-on experience, you can be sure of a first class job.
  2. Top Notch Security – Modern doors have a triple locking mechanism that is virtually impenetrable, and with locks on all the window openings, there is no need for any other security, as all the access points are protected. The average house breaker would simply walk away from this type of window, as they are well aware of just how hard it is to force entry.
  3. Transform the Home – As the units are made to specification, you can change the opening style, and with a wide range of colours that include a faux timber grain finish, you can really change the appearance of your property. If you can find a supplier that is focused on design, their expertise and your vision will combine to produce a unique design that really complements the property.
  4. Save Energy – In the eco-friendly world of today, we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and with double glazing, your energy bills will be significantly lower, and you can put the extra money towards next year’s holiday.
  5. Added Property Value – There is no doubt that replacing the windows and doors will add to the value of the house, and with the right design and top quality materials, you and your family will enjoy many years of trouble free comfort. Even after 10 or 15 years, the windows and doors will still look good, and if ever you decide to sell and move on, the windows will be a big attraction to a potential buyer, who knows how much it would cost.

If your windows are made from timber and have seen better days, rather than going through the annual repaint, why not invest in composite replacement windows and doors? The many benefits make it a wise investment, especially when you consider the long term.

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