When Your Boiler Breaks Down, Who Do You Call

Whether we know it or not as homeowners, we depend on our boilers not only to keep us warm, but also to heat our water. Hot water allows us to bathe, shower, wash clothes, and do dishes. While one may certainly live for a time without hot water on tap, it would not be much fun! Can you imagine getting up every morning to have a cold shower because the boiler is broken?

Is Your Boiler about to Break Down?

Knowing when to call a company that specialises in boilers – servicing, replacements and repairs in HD3 is always a good idea. Of course, not too many of us know much about plumbing, but there are some simple signs to be aware of that could mean a call to a local plumbing professional is necessary.

Here are some signs that your boiler might need some attention from an expert:

  • Leaks: It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your boiler. Simply perform a visual check every now and again to look for drips, leaks, or pools of water. Any of these could mean that your boiler has sprung a leak and needs replacing.
  • Rust: In many boiler units that hold water, the tank will eventually break down and corrode. The biggest sign that this is happening is rust in the hot water. If you ever notice fine brown particles in your water, it could be rust from the boiler tank.

Always Deal with an Expert

While it might be tempting to call someone from the local classified, always be sure to call a plumber with experience.

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