Be Assured To Get Insured When Moving Home

It is a fact that hiring a professional carrier or home movers company makes them liable for all belongings that are handed over to them for transportation. This is because from the time of acceptance of the belongings till the time of delivery of the same to the new location, these valuables, belongings and assets are handled by the employees of the concerned professional company.

But what is important to note here is that this liability or valuation of goods is generally different for different customers. Hence customers need to understand the insurance that these professional carriers have on offer and opt for the one which is best suited for their needs.

2 types of insurance offered 

Federal law makes it mandatory for national or interstate professional home moving companies to offer the following two types of insurances to their customers.

  • Full value protection 

This type of insurance is quite comprehensive and the customer has to pay extra money in order to avail of this insurance. In this type of insurance, the home moving company becomes wholly and solely responsible for all the belongings, valuables and assets of their customer once they get possession of the same and thus have to replace the monetary cost of any item or belonging that gets either lost or damaged during the whole process of transportation.

  • Released value protection

In this type of insurance the customer has to pay no extra money in order to avail it. It, however, offers a limited kind of insurance wherein the professional moving company is required to pay the customer a fixed amount per unit weight of any good that is lost or damaged in the transportation process.

However, other than opting for the above two kinds of insurance offered, customers can also purchase separate insurance for the move on their own. In fact sometimes, an existing homeowner’s policy might already have a clause which takes care of loss or damage to furniture and some other stuff during the whole process of transportation to another house.

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