How to Beat the Challenges of Keeping House Interiors Fresh and New In a Budget

Renovating house on a large scale for retaining the novelty of the space is not a feasible idea, financially always. The home owners need to find ways to keep the spaces clean, fresh, and eye-catchy. They can pay attention to very small things like wall color, furniture color, bed covers etc. Just by covering the expensive things or highly exposed areas with something protective and easy to maintain can be a great trick for maintaining the house. Listed here are some of the most commonly used interior decoration tips that can add personality to the house without breaking the bank.

1. Use of wall papers

Coloring walls frequently can be messy. It can cost a lot too, if the house is big and spacious. The areas like splashbacks in kitchens, children’s rooms walls, the patio walls etc can become dirty easily as they are exposed to most of the activities happening in the house. Thus, to avoid frequent coloring of walls for longer times, one can think of installing wall papers on the walls. The best thing about wall papers is that these are available in a variety of colors, designs and effects. These are easily washable, and also come with a guarantee of quality, giving walls the best protection possible.

2. Use of sofa covers

Sofa sets or loveseats are available in endless varieties. These adorn the living room beautifully. Since the inmates of the house tend to spend many hours of the day in the living room, the sofas are exposed to wear and tear. Thus, the best way to maintain the look of sofa is to keep it covered. The sofa back covers and seat covers reduce the possibility of their getting littered and also allow the lady of the house to experiment with a variety of color combinations and patterns. Some may even add to the beauty of the living room by giving it a distinct personality.

3. Washable drapes for windows and doors

Windows and doors are the way a house connects to the world outside. The various portions of the house also connect through these elements. Covering them with beautiful drapes is a budget-friendly idea for improving the interiors of the house. The drape colors that complement the wall colors tastefully can be chosen for achieving an inviting appeal. Also, the pelmet designs, rolling bars, etc can act as beautifying elements for the room interiors.

4. Use of quilt and bed covers in bed room

Beds and other accessories come with a heavy price tag. These cannot be replaced often. Doona or quilts are essential parts of bedroom in cold season. Grey quilt covers can provide low maintenance option for maintaining the beauty of the quilts. Similarly, the bed covers prevent the dust build-up in the bed and add to the aesthetics of the room too. Duvet covers made of high thread count fabric is liked a lot because of its strength as well as crisp look. Apart from the covers for bed, duvets and quilts, some makers provide mattress covers too. These covers make the mattress spill-proof and keep it safe from stains or dirt.

5. Door mats and bed side runners

These accessories for the home interiors cannot be taken lightly. The world of these room accessories is vast. You can get any design, style and pattern in the doormats and make the room entrance as welcoming as possible. Similarly, bedside runners also offer beautifying element to the bedding set and can be changed as per the preferences and moods.

Most of the room interior elements mentioned above cost very less, but their effects are amazing. Also, these allow you to change the look of the room as many times as you want and set the interiors according to the weather outside.

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