Benefits and Disadvantages of Installing Zinc Roof in Residential Houses

Zinc is considered to be the best material for roof. It is used in many of the commercial and residential buildings and is also an important material in roof renovations. Zinc roof has many advantages and disadvantages which helps in knowing the entire idea of installing a zinc roof cover.

Advantages of Zinc Roof

These zinc materials are very environment friendly and therefore is considered to be a good roofing material. Pros about the zinc roof are:

  1. It consumes less heat than any other roofing materials.
  2. Zinc can conserve about 95% of its original property. Thus, this means that it is a recyclable metal. It does not lead to degradation of its properties and doesn’t lose any of its original properties.
  3. Zinc is very light weight and is easily can be carried from one place to another. Therefore, the transport cost for it is cheaper and affordable.
  4. Zinc is a sturdy and malleable metal. Its alloys are also very light and so it is considered to be a good roofing material.
  5. During the fabrication process, zinc needs very less amount of fuel. Thus, it can easily be fabricated.
  6. Zinc has a very long lifespan and so because of this advantage, zinc roof is considered a good choice by many of its user.
  7. Many metals have at least some percentage of toxicity level, which reduces its corrosion level. Well, in the case of zinc, the toxicity level is very less and so it is non-corrosive which makes it completely run off by water.
  8. Because of the low melting point of the metal, zinc can be easily being formed into any shape. Thus, any kind of roofing types can be formed with using zinc material.

Disadvantages of Zinc Roof

  1. One of the main cons of zinc roof is its cost. Zinc roofing is very expensive. The installation charges of the metal are highest than any other metals like aluminum and steel.
  2. During rainfall or thunderstorms, roofs made up of zinc might cause noise which would disturb the person living in the house. Although, aluminum coating is placed before the final coating of the zinc, but still it might not work sometime.
  3. Although aluminum coating on the roof never rusts but it becomes dull after several years. Therefore, to make it look good and hide the defect the zinc roof is colored. Thus, it need hiring a professional and buying of paints. Thus, it automatically increases more cost.
  4. As zinc is soft and light, it might cause dent. If any force is applied or during hailstorms ice might hit the roof, then it can cause dents which do not give a good appearance.

Average lifelines of steel roofs run for 25 to 50 years. It stands hard and strong is front of direct sun. The cost of zinc roofing depends on several factors like the height, the shape of the roof, use of panels or shingle or tiles, area covered and the location of the house. Although, zinc roofing is very expensive but the look it provides to the house after the installation, makes the house look glamorous.

There are different color varieties also available in zinc like pure grey, grayish brown, brownish black and many other color combinations. Thus, zinc roofing although have some pros but also some cons too. Proper research should be made before finally deciding whether zinc roofing should be finalized or not. Although, it is very expensive, but it might not cause any damage inversely always keep protecting the house or the building.

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