Books By The Foot

For our custom collections, we’ll work with you to curate your ideal personal library. Any subject, any style, even any Pantone color. Whether you’re looking for antique leather bound books, art monographs, or the books you read as a child, we’ll find it in Strand Bookstore’s unparalleled inventory

Books by the Foot creates one-of-a-kind, custom book collections and rentals for interior decorators, set designers, commercial spaces and personal libraries. Let our staff put together the collection you’ve always wanted.

We understand organizing your bookshelf to make it more aesthetically pleasing or displaying your favorite books around the house as points of conversation. We even understand buying used books at flee markets and used book stores for “projects” that would destroy a book that was probably bound for the trash anyway.

We get it. We have a few fashion and photography books on display because their covers are beautiful but also placed those books there and made them accessible because your guests to read them.

Having said that though, I find it mildly irksome when people buy books just for decorating purposes. We mean, sure, your bookcases are beautiful to look at but when you have six copies of the same book because you want a stack of identically sized and color matched books then that’s ridiculous.

Each venture we take a shot at is extraordinary and we don’t have a cutout item that works for each client. We tune in to our customers whether they are inside planners, engineers, developers, mortgage holders, pontoon proprietors, inns, eateries, spas, and so forth.

We take the majority of a client’s necessities about book and retire estimate, shading, style, topic, spending plan, room utilization, and so on when evaluating, choosing and dispatching libraries and accumulations.

On the off chance that a customer doesn’t comprehend what they need, we work with them to decide the proper kind of books. It’s not abnormal for me to relate finally with customers or meet face to face if proper to pick up a superior comprehension of the objectives for a home library then custom tailor the choice – for instance how old are the children in the house, what are the side interests of the relatives, who are mother’s most loved creators, and so on.

Along these lines, you can purchase any of books by the foot – for instance abstract works of art by the foot, present day cowhide by the foot, vellum books by the foot or even old fashioned calfskin by the yard, gold books by the meter, white books by the ton, and so on! With Thatcher directing each task you will get a level of value, exactness, and itemized venture administration not at all like some other supplier.

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