Safety Essentials For Every Construction Worker

While construction work can have its perks, it’s not secret that the job can be dangerous, especially if safety standards and guidelines aren’t adhered to. When you’re dealing with heavy machinery, toxic chemicals and power tools, you are facing substantial risks on a daily basis. That’s why it’s incredibly important for anyone who works in construction or even enters a construction site to be aware of the safety essentials before they set foot on the site. Get these down so you don’t suffer serious, even life-threatening injuries.

Be wary around scaffolding.

Put simply; when you’re dealing with any kind of scaffolding or propping equipment melbourne, you need to be extra careful to ensure that you don’t fall, or have something heavy fall on you. While the structures themselves are sure to be safe, they should be checked on a daily basis by a trained supervisor to make sure they’re tightly secured and all of the health and safety guidelines are being followed on the site. Don’t walk around or under scaffolding without the right gear on – especially a hard hat, and be especially cautious about leaving any tools or equipment lying around on top of scaffolding areas. If the weather is wet or icy or there’s mud on the higher level, workers should keep their distance and wait until a proper clean-up has taken place.

Keep the area clear.

When it comes to using heavy machinery, the fewer people in the area, the better. The foreman on site should be sure to clear the ground when heavy machinery is about to be operated to avoid crowding. In general, it’s best to keep the entire construction site as uncluttered and uncrowded as possible. When people hang around to watch heavy machinery at work, accidents can easily happen, especially if the operator becomes distracted.

Don’t hop onto ladders casually.

Once you’re comfortable on a work site it can become easy to start climbing on any ladder without questioning its sturdiness and climbing stairs without considering security. Remember that any area of the work site could be shaky or damaged – this is a construction site after all, not the finished project. Check the stability of any object before stepping onto it, and make sure safety props are installed to maintain the security of every worker wherever possible.

Know where emergency items are.

You never know when you may need to grab a first aid kit to help out a mate or put out a fire before the authorities arrive – so make sure you’re aware of exactly where these emergency items are from day one on a new job. Ideally, they should be in a clearly designated area that’s easily accessible to every worker on the site.

Wear the right gear.

Doing construction work without the proper safety gear on doesn’t make you look tough; it makes you look silly. Know what safety equipment is needed for each renovation project you begin, and don’t start the job each morning without every item secured. This may be as simple as a hard hat, long sleeves and work boots for some, or as complex as welding goggles and fireproof gloves – whatever you need, make sure you have access to the right safety kit and that you keep it on no matter what.

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